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Cybersecurity Forecasts for 2022

Cybersecurity Forecasts for 2022 | ARCON Blog

Overview Predictive and proactive IT security approaches have been adopted by cybersecurity pros in recent years. However, the pandemic and its subsequent consequences altered the IT landscape drastically.  The Covid-19 pandemic is being reined in, but it is happening very slowly, and the impact it has created on the IT security landscape is seemingly long-lasting. […]

5 Reasons Why Privileged Access Management (PAM) is Essential for your Organization

5 Reasons Why Privileged Access Management (PAM) is Essential for your Organization | ARCON Blog

Security vulnerabilities are not limited to physical spaces in today’s world. With businesses adapting progressive technologies, the current digital ecosystem renders considerable challenges in cybersecurity. Besides developing such challenges, there is a growing change in the motives and toolkits of hackers, a more menacing threat to businesses than it was ten or twenty years ago.  […]

Over-Provisioning of Privilege tasks: Risks and Remedy

Over-Provisioning of Privilege tasks: Risks and Remedy | ARCON Blog

Overview Too many digital identities with elevated rights to access confidential information lead to strongest chances of credential misuse, data breach and subsequent catastrophes. About 75% of data breach incidents start with privileged account abuse across the world. Standing in the middle of growing IT infrastructure with increased adoption of cloud computing and AI/ ML […]

Learn, Rectify & Secure

Cyber-Incidents--ARCON Blog

Overview   Just find out the vulnerable areas and people in the IT system, misuse them one by one and compromise the confidential information. That’s the modus operandi of cyber criminals to harm the entire IT community across the globe.  The cyber experts, however, on most occasions are a step ahead, which is why many […]

Zero-Day Exploit vs. Zero-Day Vulnerability

Zero-Day Exploit vs. Zero-Day Vulnerability | ARCON Blog

A “zero-day attack” refers to an attack which exploits a bug or flaw in a particular software or firmware that the vendor does not know about. Usually found in the digital content piracy space, it may appear in the area of network security as well.  A “zero-day exploit” and a “zero-day vulnerability” are, in essence, […]

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