Single Sign On

IT infrastructure, typically, comprises multiple layers of devices or endpoints to access systems, which in turn leads to multiple administrators or sysadmins. Therein lies a problem. Multiple sysadmins mean multiple users ids, multiple passwords, and… multiple approval process. The Single- Sign- On feature allows to overcome the challenge. It provides the largest connector stack. It relieves the difficulty for sysadmins from managing multiple passwords on different devices such as networking devices, databases etc. When sysadmins use connectors to connect all these components it makes it easier and simple for the admin to use single- sign- on without having to remember individual user-id and password. This feature allows seamless access across technologies with just one click.

Dual Factor

The Solution ARCOS provides single click access to multiple technologies, however since the access is for privilege user-ids it is imperative that a dual factor authentication is used to protect from unauthorized access. ARCOS comes with inbuilt dual factor authentication ARCOSOTP. ARCOS OTP is a mobile based app which works on all mobile devices. Further ARCOS Integrates with all available dual factor devices viz: Bio- Metrics, RSA tokens, VASCO tokens etc.


Password Vault

Privilege User-id passwords are very critical, the fact that there many privilege users within any IT setup and that they are shared makes them vulnerable to compromise. It is extremely difficult to establish a manual control around password change process. Further their safe keeping is a challenge. ARCOS provides a highly mature password vault which generates strong and dynamic passwords and the engine can automatically change passwords for several devices or systems at one go. The passwords are then stored in a highly secured electronic vault. The storage methodology is proprietary and is highly secured by several layers of protection that ensures a virtual fortress. The electronic vault integrated with ARCOS WF (workflow) to provide authorised access to these passwords. Password Vault enable enterprises to handle complex and dynamic changes including evolving regulatory mandates.

Granular Access Control

ARCOS has a unique technology framework which helps in providing granular access control for privilege users inspite of the fact that they are natively super users and it is not possible to restrict their access to any system. This is possible for several technologies i.e operating systems, databases, network and security devices etc. The access control feature helps organizations protect their systems from unauthorized access and unintentional errors if any. ARCOS provides a secured ARC around the entire IT stack for any organization.

Granular Access Control

S.M.A.R.T. Audit Trails

IT is interesting to note that the native audit trails available for any system may not be comprehensive or complete. Also it is a known fact that enabling audit trails on systems mostly creates overheads which leads to sever performance degradation and in real world may not be a good business solution. The issue around audit trails is further compounded especially for privilege users as these users are in complete control (read, write and delete) of all native audit logs. ARCOS provides comprehensive audit trails and session recordings to ensure that all activities are tracked and these logs are encrypted and separately stored creating a legal hold.

One Admin Control

Single console for all administrative tasks.

One Admin Control

Virtual Grouping

Virtual Grouping

Managing various systems by different teams and yet retaining control within the teams is a complex task. ARCOS provides for dynamic group setting with one to many relationships and virtual grouping. Thus one can create functional groups of various systems and help in facilitating relationships, responsibilities and accountability. The feature caters very well to dynamically changing organizational structures and roles and responsibilities. It also allows managing multiple subsidiaries and companies.

Live Dashboard

ARCOS provides a real time dash board to monitor server access activities. With a facility to view the commands being fired in real time, the dash board becomes an indispensable tool for vigilance. The dash board also provides for setting up alerts for critical commands as they are fired. The dashboard also provides a good framework for customized reports.

Live Dashboard


Product In Action

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