Reluctant to Accept Security Measures? Your enterprise could be at Risk!

Predominant IT risks_RTW

The Context Organizations are investing in new technologies vehemently to stay competitive. Cybersecurity is among the top priorities. And the adoption of the latest cybersecurity measures has increased significantly in recent years due to emerging IT use cases, resulting in the rapid adoption of cloud technologies. Subsequently, implementing an Identity Threat Detection and Response mechanism […]

A Gap in Cybersecurity Skills is the Latest IT Risk

The Context There is a saying, “Skill is the unified force of experience.”  The crux of enterprise data security is hidden behind a strong IT security policy, and the effectiveness of the IT security policy is determined by how diligently and sincerely employees follow the policy. Does an employee successfully follow an organization’s IT security […]

Data Privacy amid rising Insider Threats

One of the largest banks in India became an easy target of malicious insiders. A massive data breach yet again due to lack of confidential data security controls has brought to the forefront an urgent need for robust security solutions like Privileged Access Management. The Incident A popular nationalized bank suffered a security breach causing […]

Are healthcare chains doing enough to protect data privacy?

Recently, an exclusive report from The Economic Times has unveiled that almost one million medical files of Indian patients were openly accessed online. With zero security measures for the privacy of sensitive details like patients’ names, addresses, date of birth, mobile numbers, Identification numbers, ailment types, physician details et al, a couple of reputed hospitals […]

Time to shore-up inner periphery with Privileged Access Management

After the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulation came into effect in May 2018, the global organizations dealing with data of European citizens have reinforced their IT security infrastructure to comply with the security mandates of the regulation. In spite of that, it has been found that GDPR has imposed heavy penalty on multiple organizations […]