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Why an enterprise requires
endpoint privilege management (EPM)?


Excessive endpoint privileges are extremely risky. Some of the costliest security breaches have happened due to misuse and abuse of endpoint privileges. Data leaks, cyber-attacks, cyber-espionage, zero-day threats – all such incidents happen when endpoint privileges are easily available in an uncontrolled environment.

Moreover, the outbreak of the pandemic and subsequent alteration in the work culture has meant that a large number of the workforces are accessing applications remotely. Every so often, the remote access happens from personal devices.

Resultantly, the multiple layers of applications and devices along with a high number of end-users makes business-critical applications extremely vulnerable to attack from malicious behaviour profiles.

Thus, granting the endpoint privileges ‘just-in-time’/ ‘on-demand’ along with the end-user monitoring has become the cornerstone of robust IT governance for a modern-day enterprise.

In addition to fostering the just-in-time privileges practice, ARCON | Endpoint Privilege Management solution (EPM) detects insider threats, compromised identities, and other malicious attempts on the endpoints. It has a powerful User Behaviour Analytics component that takes note of the normal conduct of the end-users and identifies typical, atypical behaviour profiles and other entities in the network.

ARCON | EPM ensures there is adequate IT oversight and business-critical applications are accessed in a restricted and controlled environment.

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ARCON | Endpoint Privilege Management Features in Details

  • Centralized Policy Enforcement
    Centralized Governance

    The endpoint privilege policies are automatically created by profiling all the on-boarded end-users’ roles and responsibilities. The unified policy framework ensures a rule and role-based access to applications in the network

  • Privilege Elevation on-Demand
    Privilege elevation on-demand (just-in-time privileges)

    ARCON | EPM offers seamless help-desk integration. Any on-boarded end-user in the network can request the administrator to grant an endpoint privilege for accessing a particular application. Based on the end-user role and responsibility, the administrator will then grant just-in-time endpoint privilege. After the privilege task is completed, the elevated privilege is revoked. The feature ensures robust implementation of the Least Privileges principle. The workflow Requests are approved/ rejected on-the-fly by administrators.

  • Application Security
    Priority-wise profiling

    This feature enables the IT security staff to systematically grant access to the specific application/s based on the end-users’ job profiles. Access priority is determined/set by the IT administrator.

  • Application Security
    Application Security

    Malicious applications that run in the IT environment pose a serious security threat. The Application Security feature secures the endpoints by blacklisting malicious applications.

  • Fine-Grained Control
    Fine-grained access control

    All the on-boarded end-users’ endpoint privileges are granularly controlled and restricted through time-based, day-based, and duration-based parameters. Likewise, the end-users’ access to web browsers are also controlled and restricted.

  • Privilege Behaviour Analytics
    End-user Behaviour Analytics

    It detects anomalies and suspicious behaviour profiles on a real-time basis and generates risk-based scores with the help of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

  • Dashboard

    It provides a real-time view of endpoint privilege sessions. Thus it provides an indispensable tool to control and govern users helping meeting regulatory compliance standards.

  • Audit Trails & Reporting
    Audit Trails & Reporting

    The audit trails are maintained of each and every endpoint privileged activity and the reports are generated for the audit purpose. It ensures compliance with the IT standards.

  • Data Loss Prevention
    Data Loss Prevention

    The endpoint security can be compromised if the end-users can easily target confidential information using any removable storage device. The EPM’s DLP feature helps with mitigating the security vulnerabilities. ARCON | EPM assists the IT security team with USB restriction feature that ensures copying of any sort of information/file from the endpoint to USB and (vice versa) is restricted.

ARCON | EPM Architecture

ARCON | Endpoint Privilege Management (EPM) | Architecture

Benefits of ARCON Privilege Endpoint Management (EPM)

  • Builds the framework to govern the end-users
  • Elevates the endpoint privileges just-in-time
  • Enforces application blacklisting
  • Ensures the principle of the least privilege
  • Detects suspicious end-user behaviour profiles in real-time
  • Protects the endpoints
  • Prevents granting elevated privileges to suspicious end-users
  • Offers fine-grained access to all applications
  • Enhances IT efficiency
  • Helps to meet the IT standards