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Global Remote Access



ARCON | Global Remote Access is a new remote desktop tool that allows administrators to establish a remote connection within an enterprise network to any client machine. In case of a problem, client users can allow admins or help desk engineers to troubleshoot the machine in a controlled environment.

Global Remote Access gives end users the ability to retain control over their own machines while having their software issues resolved. End users can elevate admins' rights, privileges, change passwords, and access related tasks during a remote assist session.

The ARCON | PAM Web Portal acts as a point of contact for identifying users with specific requirements for remote assistance. GRA eliminates process delays due to end user desktop requirements remaining unresolved for days. It automates IT processes and enhances your enterprise’s PC lifecycle management.

Global Remote Access also includes a report of each and every instance of remote assistance provided.

Key Features

  • Single Interface
    A single management platform is used to manage multiple systems and connections, which simplifies the tracking and reporting of remote assistance activities performed on each and every system and makes it easier to comply with security obligations
  • End User-Controlled Access
    A remote assist session will be processed only on approval from the service requester. Service requesters have a great deal of flexibility and granular control to define the access level of the ARCON | PAM provider
  • File transfer
    Files can be transferred between the service requesters and PAM users. When a requestor initiates a file transfer, the provider can accept or reject the file transfer process and vice versa. Once the transfer process is complete, the session can be disconnected
  • Video Logs
    Video logs are generated for each and every remote assist session. Video logs form a detailed audit trail and provide material for session analysis and training purposes
  • Reports
    Detailed reports are generated for all remote assist sessions provided by the Global Remote Access tool
  • Process Elevation
    Following the principle of least privilege, Admins don’t have to share privileged credentials with end users or the IT staff. Admins can elevate particular processes based on the customized requirements of end users. If a particular user needs access to an application, the Administrator can elevate that particular application for the specified user without entering the Admin password
  • Password Rotation
    Admins can remotely enable password rotation on end user systems through the Global Remote Access tool. Password rotation on end user systems takes place with the least human intervention and keeps a check through password checkout flow


  • Enhanced Security
    Global Remote Access enhances security by ensuring that the Admin can connect seamlessly to the endpoint system without actually knowing the credentials of the system. This also eliminates the problem of shared credentials among the admins
  • Decreased Response Time
    The GRA model helps in a significant cut in response time compared to waiting for an admin to come to a desktop to offer support for a problem. Remote support can be provided as soon as the Admin accepts the on-demand request
  • Increased Productivity
    With GRA’s remote assist services, you can speed up IT solutions, reduce downtime, and allow your staff to be more productive
  • High Availability & Efficiency
    Admins on the Global Remote Access are always available as they are able to take on multiple sessions at the same time
  • Better Monitoring & Maintenance
    GRA can be used not only to resolve issues but also for monitoring and maintenance of your system. Admins can help you set a baseline for activity so that unusual network usage can be spotted and activities by “would-be” hackers can be stopped before any damage occurs. Regular updates for software applications and firmware can also be provided so you are always protected and up-to-date
  • Knowledge Sharing
    Global Remote Access involves real-time interaction. This means that as the Admin makes adjustments to a system, the end user can see everything that is happening on the screen. Thus, users in the organization have the opportunity to learn how to resolve minor issues/situations related to the application or the system