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ARCOM | Identity and Access Management (IDAM)

Identity and Access Management

Enhance the digital experience by securely managing identities and entitlements of end-users and services


Robust and Effective identity access management solution for every kind of business

ARCON | Identity and Access Management (IDAM)


ARCON | IDAM is a solution that safeguards the IT landscape of any company. ARCON | IDAM helps companies and their management to have a single view of all the access rights of all employees on all the platforms. It helps the end-users as well since they don’t need to remember different passwords for different logins for business applications, legacy applications or any IT Infrastructure device

ARCON | IDAM ensures that the tasks of an employee’s overall employment tenure are maintained and managed from a single console. This allows the administrators to perform the access certification and review activity in a much faster and efficient manner. At the same time, the end-users do not have to wait for a longer period of time to gain any legitimate access.

Key Features

  • Authentication Federation
    ARCON | IDAM can seamlessly integrate with various authentication repositories like Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP, and other identity providers for user provisioning and management and share user credentials with other integrated cloud and on-premises applications. It also offers a local authentication repository wherein login credentials can be created for users.
  • Lifecycle management
    ARCON | IDAM solution provides end-to-end lifecycle management for each function i.e. Provisioning of a user on the application, updating the rights and accesses in case an employee is getting transferred to another department or his/her role is being altered. ARCON | IDAM can also deprovision a user from the end application if he/ she leaves the organization or no longer needs access to that particular application.
  • Multi Conditional Workflow
    No more tedious and long approval process. The Workflow matrix makes administrators’ lives easy. It enables to configure the approval process for privileged users, user groups, and service groups. Service and password request workflow mechanism speeds up the process of assigning target servers to privileged users.
  • Single Sign-On
    ARCON supports industry standards OpenID Connect and SAML and OAuth 2.0 for Identity Access Management, encryption and identity management, and authorization of resources. ARCON | SSO has a wide range of already developed connectors for web apps ranging from business applications to collaboration tools and so on. ARCON | SSO also offers a reliable integration for SSO to all your mobile applications and web applications, optimized for mobile platforms, with industry-standard SAML authentication and other modern protocols.
  • Session Monitoring
    Session monitoring provides auditing and monitoring of privileged activities around the enterprise IT network. This feature enables the IT security team to spot any suspicious activity around privileged accounts. Live Dashboard ensures that all critical activities performed by administrators across the IT infrastructure are viewed in real-time.
  • Password Management
    The end-user can easily manage the password of different applications. While configuring the service of an application, the user can set a complex password. This password can be updated manually by the end-user as well as can be rotated as per the defined policy. This also ensures proper synchronization across the network to prevent service disruptions. ARCON | IDAM users can customize and automate steps for any SSO activity with the use of RPA Bot (Robotic Process Automation Bot). It could be image-based control recognition, Shortcut keys, Control ID, etc. .
  • Identity Governance and Administration
    Identity governance and administration is a proactive approach that safely controls the information of the employees, partners, clients, and provides authentication and authorization to the system - approved user identities. ARCON | IDAM will close all the security gaps and ensure rigorous guarding of the sensitive data in an impeccable manner for all the registered accounts in the organization. ARCON | IDAM streamlines automated provisioning and de-provisioning of the identities, along with faster auditing and reporting for all your users.
  • Reporting
    The regulatory standards mandate the IT risk management team to provide detailed information about access control policies needed for safeguarding critical information. Moreover, regulators demand comprehensive audit reports about every privileged user’s activities on critical systems. To meet this regulatory requirement, enterprises need to generate and maintain comprehensive audit trails of every privileged session. ARCON’s robust reporting engine makes your security team audit-ready by providing customized and detailed analytics of every privileged access to target systems.


  • Ease of Use - Single User Credentials for all applications. Easier to remember, Convenient to change periodically, no need to write down passwords on paper or digitally.
  • End-to-end lifecycle management - Maintaining a digital identity of each individual from the day an employee starts working until after he/she leaves the organization.
  • A single authentication system that can cater to all kinds of log-in methods and avoid the need for multiple logins.
  • Easier administration activities of adding, deleting, updating user credentials.
  • Enables faster development and release cycle.
  • Reduced turnaround time in gaining legitimate access to any infrastructure device or business application or any legacy application.
  • Reduced number of help desk calls such as password change, access requests, access removal, etc resulting in reduced total cost of ownership.
  • Single source of truth for all the access certifications and reviews.

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