ARCON | PAM Smart City Case Study

ARCON PAM Smart City Case Study


For this Smart City cybersecurity was at the core. Securing IT systems from any malicious insider and advanced cyber threats was the topmost concern as this Smart City wanted to reinforce its Privileged Access Security.

ARCON | Privileged Access Management enabled our client to implement the best security practices around privileged users and privileged accounts. It enabled our client to formulate a rule-based and fine-grained access control policy over privileged accounts whilst it offered its security team the capability to seamlessly monitor privileged users.

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The word Smart City conjures up some amazing technological advancements. From SMART trash bins that notifies the garbage clearing department after reaching their capacity to sensors deployed at the different corners gathering traffic data in real time, the wonderland called Smart City strives to make modern-day life uber comfortable.

In 2015, the Government of India took a special initiative. It announced the name of 100 cities in the country to be converted into smart cities. More than US$14 billion was allotted for the project. This particular city from southern India carried immense promise to become digitally advanced zone and thus concentrated on several aspects to convert itself into an ideal “Smart City”. These include education, culture, economy, mobility, safety, slum development, ICT solutions and other urban infrastructure development. The entire project was proposed in the pilot area of about 1375 Acres (5.5 sq. km).

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