ARCON | PAM solution that would ensure information security and efficiency for one of Africa’s government organizations

ARCON | PAM solution that would ensure information security and efficiency for one of Africa’s government organizations

All it required was one comprehensive ARCON | PAM solution that would ensure information security and efficiency for one of Africa’s government organizations providing critical services.


If demand meets any apt supplier on time, then definitely business proposition takes a front seat. Exactly the same happened when ARCON’s Senior Business Development Manager (Africa region) met the Chief Information Officer of an important Government department in one of the global IT conferences in Africa. The “requirement-solution” discussion struck a chord and the Government entity found their long-awaited panacea with ARCON’s robust Privileged Access Management solution.

about the organization

This African Government organization facilitates other departments by providing information about property management services. With a mission to be a “World-Class Department” this entity even works hand in hand with other departments with the objective of economic development, good governance and abolishing poverty by raising living standards and property industries.

key challenges

The major concern for this African Government entity was to manage and secure the confidential data and critical Government records. It includes the record of National Maintenance programme, National Construction programme, Capital Works programme, Infrastructure Delivery Improvement programme etc. In addition, important Government property records, police information and even records of arms & ammunition of national defence are handled by this department. Thus, as an obvious reason, it required utmost digital security to keep the data protected. They were looking for high security and continuous monitoring of the privileged accounts. A breach alert mechanism that could make the admin officer alert on any suspicious behaviour was required. This is highly important due to multiple third-party access in the official network and it is never possible to vigil each and every activity manually. They had 200 devices with more than 100 Privileged IDs for 3700 users.

Insider threat was the other concern area that the security officers were facing. After numerous breach incidents from other countries spread across Africa in the recent past, it was indeeda huge risk item.

the solution

ARCON | PAM worked as a tailor made solution for this organization by monitoring and protecting the privileged accounts. Strict vigilance of every privilege session and capabilities of detecting and suspending every suspicious one with real-time threat alerts were highly facilitated. Since multiple departments along with multiple employees work in the same network peripheral, thus it is highly important for this organization to have proper user authentication mechanism.

ARCON | PAM provides granular access control for the privilege users through restriction and the elevation of commands that can control critical activities on target devices. With this, a particular user is allowed to access a specific file at any specific time for a specific duration. If any discrepancy is seen in that schedule, then the system admin gets a breach alert notification instantly to take immediate action and prevent any data loss. A similar time frame in the Government organization helped them to protect their systems from unauthorized access and unintentional errors.

In addition, ARCON | PAM’s Virtual Grouping helped the organization to manage their numerous users in a systematic way. In order to do the complex task of managing various systems by different teams, ARCON | PAM helped to create dynamic settings with virtual grouping. Hence, a functional group of various systems was created and facilitated the accountability, roles and responsibilities of managing multiple subsidiaries.

Besides, this organization had numerous privileged accounts with confidential data assets. Thus, it was obvious that these accounts were vulnerable to theft. The organization found it extremely challenging to establish a manual control for a password change process. ARCON | PAM’s password vaulting reinforced strong and dynamic passwords and can automatically change passwords for several devices or systems at the same time. These passwords are stored in a highly secured electronic vault with several layers of protection. This enabled authorized access to the passwords and control dynamic changes of regulatory mandates.

ARCON | PAM facilitated real-time monitoring of the user activities where any kind of suspicion throws an alert to the administrators so that they can take prompt and immediate action. It even generates a detailed report so that every network activity can be tracked as a part of supervision. This helped the organization in forensic investigation and IT audit.

The admin officers were quite happy with the easy and simple real-time dashboard which allowed them to monitor server access activities with ease. Apart from real-time monitoring, this is also an indispensable tool for thorough vigilance and throws alerts for critical commands once fired.

Lastly, ARCON | User Behaviour Analytics (UBA) tool, was ready to play a key role to restrict insider threats and this tool is helping the organization to spot suspicious end-user behavioral profiles and is triggering alerts in a real time. Due to huge influence of digitization, monitoring end-user behavior is too crucial now to enforce a total IT security framework.

the result

The solution allowed the Insurance Institute to store and monitor critical audit trails for audit and compliance purpose. It managed to provide highest satisfaction to Information Security managers with mechanism for log review for critical sessions.


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