A European multinational supermarket chain deploys ARCON PAM



Client Brief

A European multinational supermarket chain deploys ARCON PAM to strengthen access control at its UAE-based stores and datacenters managed from HQ.

the context

Recognized as one of the largest retail chainsin the world, our client scaled up efficiency and productivity through an increasing use of the technology. However, increasing digitized business environment cropped up Information Security issues. As data ceaselessly flowed from multiple layers of network/security devices, database servers, operating systems and applications … the internal periphery of the enterprise remained vulnerable to misuse of critical business data and unauthorized access.

key Challenge

  • The client needs to monitor the Local and VPN Privileged Users
  • Windows, DB & Linux environments are accessed through named accounts. ADMIN privileges, which was controlled only by the Windows users, were unmonitored and uncontrolled.
  • As a result, any member of the Windows team could access any Windows server and do the admin level changes.
  • The client has Mac users
  • The client operates with multiple vendors. It needed Vendor access control system in place.

the solution

The client required a foolproof access control solution. It required a solution that could detect all the possible forms of suspicious behavior related to privileged access.

In a keenly-contested tendering process, ARCON was selected to supply, install and implement the Privileged Access Management Solution (PAM).

Managing the two IT environments—retail shops across the UAE and HQ managing data centers—, and holding control over users’ activities both in HQ and local stores was mission critical. ARCON PAM solution would enable the supermarket chain to address this challenge.

the result

ARCON PAM integrated at all the layers of the IT infrastructure. It allowed the client to secure privileged accounts throughout the network along with providing an audit trail of access requests. This meant, it enabled to get control over all the user-activities spread between two separate IT environments: local stores in UAE and datacenters managed from HQ.

Further, the solution enabled to create separate named privileged accounts for login in to Windows RDP session. Windows machines were assigned to Mac users for accessing the systems through VPN.

Custom Access Control allowed the Information Security team to define access based on the requirement and job profile.

And finally, ARCON PAM’s time-tested features such as Dual Factor Authentication and Granular Access Control reinforced the Vendor Access Control. The solution helped in resolving third-party access issues by giving time and onetime based access request to vendors.

about ARCON

ARCON is a leading Information Security solutions company specializing in Privileged Access Management (PAM) / Privileged Identity Management (PIM) and Continuous Risk Assessment solutions. With its roots strongly entrenched in identifying business risks across industries, it is in a unique position to comprehend and identify inherent security gaps in an organizations infrastructure framework and build and deploy innovative solutions/products to significantly mitigate potential risks.



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