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IT/ITES - Hosting Managed Services


Client Brief

A Fortune 500 IT Services Provider, besides offering a host of services, provides managed infrastructure services to clients both on-site and off-site models. The managed services is one of the fastest growing businesses and has been adding a significant number of clients in the last two years. The company has a complex setup with multiple models, locations including cloud hosting services.

Business Need

  • To benchmark operations to international standards, automate remote access to client sites (Create Efficiency)
  • Automate internal security, privileged user access and monitoring. Further help clients meet their
    regulatory requirements (Security & Compliance)
  • Improve and sustain reliability and customer satisfaction.

Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) team of IT Services Provider serves clients from various industry verticals like Banking, Manufacturing, Insurance, Capital Markets and Pharmaceuticals. This multi-industry reach presents a world of complex regulatory and security requirements.

The Client in-order to meet these requirements as well as create efficiency in its operations would require a single solution, standardized across the end-clients such that it is also easily scalable. Further the end-client customer data protection is very critical.

It would also require features which would help the end-clients to ensure that their systems are accessed in a secured manner and there is complete accountability for all actions performed, besides meeting all regulatory requirements.

The Challenge

Managed Service providers are faced with both growth opportunities and competitive pressures. New cloud computing companies are forcing traditional managed hosting & managed services companies to expand offerings and find new value-added services and security capabilities that will differentiate them in the marketplace.

The RIM team works on varied business models of

  • Hosted infrastructure at own data centre with remote support
  • Onsite support for client hosted infrastructure
  • Remote infrastructure support for client infrastructure


The IT Service Provider reviewed the market and selected ARCON PAM solution. ARCON PAM was deployed across IT Service Provider - RIM customer base of retail, Manufacturing, Insurance, Capital Markets, and Pharmaceuticals in staged manner and in no time It was also extended to the all cloud clients.

ARCON PAM with its strong feature set, plug and play implementation framework was a natural choice clearly visible during the evaluation rounds. Besides the functionality and ease of deployment the support infrastructure also played an important role in the tool selection process. ARCON PAM has a very strong support structure and is also easily customizable to customer demands.

ARCON PAM also enabled the client to manage the entire privilege user id life cycle with access control on critical commands and/or database tables. Further the privilege password change process was reduced from several months to matter of few days for all the end devices even though these devices are within the end-client infrastructure.

A very critical aspect of the implementation was to ensure complete accountability using the privileged ids mapped to the end-support staff with adequate live alert and dashboards to prevent any malicious or unintended activity on the systems.


ARCON PAM' intelligent, robust and cloud enabled architecture enabled managed services client cum cloud provider to efficiently scale, standardize and automate the remote user access and password management challenges.

In implementing privileged access management capabilities, ARCON PAM and the client examined the entire existing infrastructure setup and operational environment. The primary technology using secured server architecture and centralized implementation helped the client to streamline and manage access for existing user base. It is also able to provide RIM team single point access to multiple client accounts.

The implementation architecture is highly scalable as large number of end-clients can be added without enhancing the hardware infrastructure.

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