Leading International Bank deploys ARCON PAM for Privileged Access Management

Privileged Identity Management in Banks

Client Brief

  • Bank has been an early adopter of technology, implementing world class IT systems to support its business operations. Bank has seen tremendous technology changes in the last few years, with the entry of new technology products and increasing expectations of customers bringing about sea changes in the way banks operate. Technology to bank’s is not just about backend operations, it is about customer satisfaction.
  • Data is critical to the operations of any financial institution. This bank was no different. This data is held of various critical server farms and sometimes even spread across locations. Bank was engaged in with its massive customer base of more than 3 million credit card customers & 20 million banking customers.

The Challenge

Our client operates in multiple geographies with more than nearly 6600+Bank ATMs and 2500+ branches. Bank has dedicated IT team to manage data center and IT for managing the bank’s core banking solution, infrastructure design, project management and services management. Technology has been key agenda for the bank over the years with impressive IT security. Banking Security team prides itself in being a market leader and as such not only adheres to industry regulations, but imposes strict security policies and procedures on itself to ensure sound security across all of its operations.

Bank faced a key issue for managing privilege identities across IT systems. Bank works in a shared data centre environment for various group companies to support technology initiatives. To manage internal compliance and meet regulatory requirements, bank used highly manual and time consuming approach to managing privilege identities. Standard passwords applied to critical server environment which were stored in separate paper envelopes. Growing concerns for the bank was to manage ever increasing privilege identities & compliance issues. Administrative concerns were added pain areas for administrative users.

Our team of consultants assessed such issues with series of discussions with system administrators, business users, application owners, support personnel and IT steering committee members of the bank. Based on responses from various IT Infrastructure teams we realized the fact that within 10 years of technology advancements the scale of server and the number of privilege users managing the same had almost quadrupled.

Banks Information Security Group and IT Compliance Group were under tremendous pressure from a resource and workflow perspective. This group has wide responsibilities including on-boarding and off-boarding users, enforcing security policies for managing privileged accounts and ensuring accountability to use of such highly critical accounts. Primary goals for investing in a privileged identity


Bank choose ARCON PAM Solution, which is a multitier life-cycle solution for securing, managing, password management and end-end monitoring of all activities associated with privileged accounts.

The initial phase of the project entailed rollout of Access Control Settings considering shared environment of the data center. This enabled approval for every access to sensitive data, improved productivity and access based on service tickets. Maintaining the log for each access request were added silver line to this solution.

Second phase of the project rollout focused on creation of enterprise level Password Vault which enabled bank to enforce an enterprise password policy across their most critical IT systems. This feature allowed to ensure accountability and access on need-to-know basis for data center, application and technology support teams.

ARCON PAM helped bank to establish a central management console for flexible operations of all actions associated with password management from requests to resets. Solution design provided better authentication and audit capabilities. All user accounts were integrated within the ARCON PAM (Privileged Identity Management Solution) central repository – including MSSQL, Oracle over toad, Windows admins, Unix Root and super admins, SSH based logins (for switches, routers, swift users, firewall and Cisco based user accounts)

Eventually, ARCON PAM helped the bank to store and monitors critical audit trails for audit, compliance and forensic purpose. ARCON PAM managed to provide highest satisfaction to Risk managers with mechanism for log review for critical sessions with collaborative integration with SIEM solution.

Key to successful implementation was series of pre-implementation workshops that educated users on the technology’s capabilities while allowing participants to play a role in defining the scope of the project.


  • Significant benefits of the consultative approach to ARCON PAM deployment are highlighted below.




Administrators need to remember multiple administrative passwords to login to different systems

Single Sign On (SSO)

Significant reduction in managing account credentials & ability to administer systems using individual identity

All personnel had equal privileges for usage of credentials.

Custom Access Control Settings

ARCON PAM allowed risk team to define custom access control based on requirement and job profile.

No accountability for usage of privileged IDs

SMART* Audit Trails

Comprehensive audit trails generation for compliance and review

Inadequate enforcement of password policy & IS control for system users

Secure Password Management (SPM)

  • Change Control
  • Electronic Vault
  • Secured Printing

Seamless workflow & batch job oriented password management coupled with custom solution for storage ready secure envelopes.

Non accountability and trace for vendor activities

Vendor Access Controls

Comprehensive audit trails generation for compliance and review

Identity theft and sharing of critical system credentials.

Dual Factor Authentication

( Soft Token based)

Minimize sharing of password.

Review of administrative user activities

Integration with Symantec Log Review Tool

Designing of interoperable workflow allowed for seamless integration with Log review tool to ensure end-end monitoring.

  • SMART refers to Specific, Meaningful, Aligned, Realistic, Time-based


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