A leading manufacturing conglomerate deploys ARCON Privileged Access Management to manage and monitor privileged accounts.

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Client Brief

Our client is a multibillion dollar company, one of the fastest growing company in the world, having diverse business interest in the areas of Automotive Tyres, Infrastructure, IT and specialty including Pharmaceuticals, Power Ancillaries & Plantations.

the context

Cost, quality, and efficiency, these are the key metrics that any organization--be it a manufacturing company, financial institution or a service agency-- strives to improve, relentlessly. A sound operations management forms the basis of a fundamental strength of a company.

For manufacturing companies, it becomes all the more important to constantly improve the process management. Needless to say, operation and R&D managers are in a grinding pursuit of improving every aspect of the manufacturing processes through innovation, and automation. But amid rising digitization and increasing cyber-attacks, safeguarding IT assets (design, patents, etc.) is equally crucial.

The manufacturing company had to face security challenge when IT security decision makers realized that it never had a system in place to manage and monitor privileged accounts, which is a one of the global compliance requirements.

ADMIN accounts were shared and there was no mechanism in place to monitor passwords and access across all data centers. With a growing business and increasing responsibility of management of technology infrastructure, our client required a solution to manage administrative access to number of devices, applications and network security devices.

key Challenge

  • Management of multiple shared IT infrastructure
  • Third Part Access Control
  • Streamlining & Securing access for users
  • Aligning shared IT teams with restrictive access
  • Meeting Regulatory Compliance requirements

the solution

After thoroughly examining all the options in the market, the manufacturer implemented ARCON Privileged Access Management leveraging its Single sign on, which provides the largest connector stack. It will relieve the difficulty for sysadmins from managing multiple passwords on different devices such as networking devices, databases etc.

Password Vault will allow generating strong and dynamic passwords (the engine can automatically change passwords for several devices and systems at one go).

ARCON’s PAM Dual factor authentication will allow the manufacturer to thwart malefactors attempt to intrude in to IT systems and compromise sensitive information while Audit trail will provide comprehensive audit trails and session recordings to ensure that all activities are tracked and these logs are encrypted and separately stored creating a legal hold while the Live Dashboard will enable the sysadmin to assess what is going on or what a particular user is doing at any point of time.

the result

It enabled to hold control around all privileged account activities shared across multiple IT environments

Usage Dashboard provided a real-time analysis of the all privileged user activities.

Custom Access Control allowed the Information Security team to define access based on the requirement and job profile.

Dual Factor Authentication and Gran¬ular Access Control provided Vendor/third party Access Control

about ARCON

ARCON is a leading Information Security solutions company specializing in Privileged Access Management (PAM) / Privileged Identity Management (PIM) and Continuous Risk Assessment solutions. With its roots strongly entrenched in identifying business risks across industries, it is in a unique position to comprehend and identify inherent security gaps in an organizations infrastructure framework and build and deploy innovative solutions/products to significantly mitigate potential risks.



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