A leading private sector bank in India deploys ARCON PAM to monitor critical audit trails.

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Client Brief

One of the oldest private sector banks in India.

The Context

The client deployed advanced information technologies to enable a sustained growth, ensure better services to clients, and boost productivity. However, relying on a host of database servers and applications and third-party software meant that the data was always vulnerable to unauthorized access in the backdrop of a growing IT infrastructure. Securing critical data assets was a big challenge. ARCON’s highly-advanced Privileged Access Management will help the bank strengthen its access controls and monitoring. Besides, it will also help in fulfilling the compliance requirements.

Key Challenge

  • Administrators need to remember multiple administrative passwords to login different systems
  • No accountability for usage of increasing number of Privileged IDs and compliance issues
  • No accountability and trace for third party/vendor activities
  • Review of administrative/privileged user activities

The Solution

To overcome several challenges, the Bank chose ARCON’s Privileged Access Management Solution, which is a multitier life-cycle solution for managing, monitoring, and securing password management and end-to-end monitoring of all activities associated with privileged accounts. Our Implementation team assessed the IT architecture of the client. It held a series of discussions with system administrators, application owners, IT support and steering committee members of the bank

ARCOS with its strong feature set, plug and play implementation framework was a natural choice clearly visible during the evaluation rounds. Besides the functionality and ease of deployment the support infrastructure also played an important role in the tool selection process. ARCOS has a very strong support structure and is also easily customizable to customer demands.

Following the mapping of IT architecture and consultations, ARCON planned two Implementation Phase.

Phase : 1

It included rollout of Access Control Settings, considering shared environment of the data center. This enabled approval for every access to sensitive data, improved productivity, and access based on service tickets including maintaining the log for each access request.

Phase : 2

In this phase of project rollout, ARCON focused on creation of enterprise level Password Vault, which allowed the client to enforce a password policy across most critical IT systems. It allowed ensuring accountability and access on ‘need-to-know’ basis for datacenter servers, applications,and technology support teams.

The Solution helped the bank to establish a central console for flexible operations of all actions associated with password management from requests to resets. Solution design provided better authentication and audit capabilities. Every user account was integrated with the central repository (Privileged Access Management Solution), including MSQL, Windows admins, Unix Root, super admins, SSH based logins (for switches, routers, swift users, firewalls)

The Result

The solution allowed the bank to store and monitor critical audit trails for audit and compliance purpose. It managed to provide highest satisfaction to Information Security managers with mechanism for log review for critical sessions.


ARCON is a leading Information Security solutions company specializing in Privileged Identity Management and Continuous Risk Assessment solutions. With its roots strongly entrenched in identifying business risks across industries, it is in a unique position to comprehend and identify inherent security gaps in an organizations infrastructure framework and build and deploy innovative solutions/products to significantly mitigate potential risks.



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