Analyst Thoughts on the role of ARCON | PAM in Zero Trust Privileged Access Security

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Zero Trust Privileged Access Security Redefined with ARCON | Privileged Access Management


What is Zero Trust Privilege Access Security?

Deny default access-- yes, that's the crux of the Zero Trust Security framework. The Zero Trust Security Model is a radical shift from the perimeter- centric security approach to a data- security-centric approach. The Zero Trust framework challenges the conventional IT security model because the latter is tilted in favor of perimeter (network) security and assumes that there is no threat inside an enterprise’s inner IT realm. That is wrong. If that’s the case then why are witnessing so many data breach incidents? The Zero Trust model never assumes “trust” but it continuously assesses ‘trust’ using continuous risk-based assessments available from information gathered.

Why adopting the Zero Trust Security Model is a must for protecting privileged identities?

The traditional security approach that once you are inside the inner realm, you are trusted will be a colossal mistake in today’s IT environment. That all is well within the inner realm and the IT risks emanate only from outside the network is a misguided notion. The prime target of malicious actors, ‘privileged identities’, are like the holy grail of any organization. If compromised, attackers can reach the heart of the IT empire, DATA. The probability of data breach threat multiplies with every new privilege identity created in the IT ecosystem. With vast numbers of database silos stored in servers and cloud resources, unprotected and unmonitored privileged identity can prove to be an organization’s nemesis. Unfortunately, organizations still maintain a conventional IT security approach. Traditional security perimeters, built on the premise of ‘assumed trust are no more adequate to manage and monitor identities. Instead, today it is imperative to have a process in place that provides continuous assessment of the trust.

In ARCON thought analysis, ARCON discusses best practices that ‘define’, ‘limit’ and ‘inspect’ identities continuously. This paper demonstrates ARCON | Privileged Access Management solution’s capabilities that can help IT, security leaders, to build a resilient Zero Trust Security Architecture around the most ‘trusted identities’- the privileged identities.

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"Gartner, Zero Trust Is an Initial Step on the Roadmap to CARTA, Neil MacDonald, 10 December 2018"
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