Do you have your own ‘Kung Fu Warrior’?

Do you have your own ‘Kung Fu Warrior’?

Jan 25, 2019 |  Data Security,  Inforamtion Assets

Who doesn’t know about Dreamworks Animation’s popular 2008 creation ‘Kung Fu Panda’? The Giant Panda (Po) received millions of global attention from kids, teens, young adults, adults, pentagenarians and even octogenarians. Thanks to the Directors Mark Osborne and John Stevenson, it is such a wonderful visual treat of how a plumb and apparently ‘good-for-nothing’ panda endured all odds to finally succeed to stop Tai Long (the shrewd Leopard) from taking hostage of the Dragon Scroll and proved everyone wrong about his calibre.

We have undoubtedly enjoyed the story about the way it unfolded and gradually developed towards a consequence that eventually speaks about the moral:

“That which is deemed valueless today, can be priceless tomorrow!”

Every time Master Shifu (Po’s Kung Fu trainer, the meerkat) thought that Po has given up to the pressure of performance (competing with the Furious Five), the indomitable spirit of Po proved him wrong each time. It was Master Oogway (the experienced tortoise) who visioned the fate of the kingdom and asked Shifu to believe in Po. After rigorous and regular training in the training center, PO eventually learned few basics though is was apparently not enough to save Valley of Peace. When Tai Lung subdued Shifu too (he has Tai Lung’s trainer as well) in the final tussle, Po’s came, observed, realized, fought and overpowered Tai Lung to regain the Dragon Scroll for the Valley of Peace. He saved the entire country from getting devastated by a ruthless monster.

Likewise, in a corporate environment, there is always a tendency to resist any change. People are not open to new policies, procedures and transformation. They believe in particular that investment on IT security might force normal business process to take a backseat. However, we should never forget that many of the technologies which were built earlier were not made keeping security in mind. For instance, when our “kingdom” expands, our IT infrastructure expands - so are the threats to the IT systems. Eg. Privileged Accounts are the most vulnerable IT asset in any environment. However, many times we see the compliance managers and business managers are not on the same board because they fear it might impact ROI. Above all, investment on PAM is surprisingly low. (refer ARCON Research Report)

Protecting Privileged accounts ensures the security of all confidential data in the enterprise and this is exactly where the role of Privileged Access Management comes in. It not only protects the organization from any financial or reputational damage, but also maintains business continuity and protects the most important asset of the organization - Data.

Exactly the same happened to Po who was not welcomed easily in the kingdom of ‘The Valley of Peace’ but once he actually proved that he could save the entire nation from the villainous Tai Lung, people cheered and readily accepted him. Shifu, the Kung Fu trainer and the Furious Five (the existing security team) in the kingdom (organizations) resisted Po’s inclusion in the team which they feared might disturb the harmony and nurtured doubt on his inefficiency (disturb existing work process and not efficient enough to secure data). Ultimately when the danger of Tai Lung loomed large on the kingdom (unauthorized users trying to breach the system), Po - the Panda (PAM) saved them from the possible damage (breach).

Similarly, PAM is like a Kung Fu Panda in an organization. Apparently people think that firewalls and advanced perimeters are enough to secure IT infrastructure, but it is not. PAM is the ultimate “Warrior” of your “Kingdom” who can combat and mitigate any “threat” that comes in.

ARCON is a leading enterprise risk control solutions provider, specializing in risk-predictive technologies. ARCON | User Behaviour Analytics enables to monitor end-user activities in real time. ARCON | Privileged Access Management reinforces access control and mitigates data breach threats. ARCON | Secure Compliance Management is a vulnerability assessment tool.


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