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Ever Thought Drones Could Unleash Cyber Attacks?

  August 25, 2016 | Drones, Cyber Espionage, Data

Protecting highly-classified data has become one of the biggest challenges for organizations across the world, particularly in the era of ‘big data’ analytics.

Critical IT assets remain extremely vulnerable as data-thefts are rising. Your vital information stored on various servers is the most yearned ‘commodity’ in cyberspace.

Malefactors, insiders or external, are always on a prowl. Slightest of security gaps, they can unleash attacks which could be unfathomable in terms of productivity and financial losses even as brand reputation takes a beating.

But do you know your crucial information is not just at risk from insiders or external organized cybercriminals that look to breach your database or email-servers.

Cyber attacks can get possibly unleashed from an unexpected quarter. Drones, yes those unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that help assessing weather conditions, performing security inspections, including many other services -- are capable to capture your communications!

According to a Bloomberg report, cybersecurity professionals believe that hackers can misuse a flying UAV by buzzing an office building and intercepting communications. The study said that a simple UAV can be designed in a way that could make it capable of attacking Wi-Fi and other wireless networks.

Such cyber assaults cannot get ruled-out in the future as we are witnessing increasing cases of cyber-espionage.

As technologies are getting more advanced, so are cyberattacks. How much effective are companies in preventing such attacks will depend upon the level of preparation, which is deploying proper IT security measures.

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