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How Much Secured Are You in the Age of Digital War?

  August 29, 2016 | Cyber Espionage, Cyber Security

Rummage into some of the past factual tales of spy agencies then you will realize how the world of espionage is chockfull with intriguing, incredible, but terrifying acts. From the CIA to KGB and from Mossad to MI6, the secret dark world of espionage resulted in disintegration of administrations, thefts of highly classified documents, and slaying of some of the most-wanted targets as governments neutralized ‘perceived threats’.

Sophistication of spy agencies got remarkably better and better over the course of the time as growing geo-political tensions and the quest to gain an upper hand over the rivals led nations to bolster their intelligence networks, particularly in the technological turf. As administrations got increasingly digitized, cyber space became the new frontier for spying.  

Indeed, cyber-espionage now is one of the most lethal weapons that nations and hacker groups deploy to gather intelligence and subvert governments. Recently a group of hackers—“Shadow Brokers”—claimed to have got hold of a sensitive information by hacking a cyber-espionage organization which worked for America’s National Security Agency (NSA). This group threatened to sell this information (cyber weapons/ hacking tools) in exchange for 1 million bitcoins. How genuine was the claim is not clear but that hackers were able to get hold of a top state secret is a matter of a grave concern.  

Earlier this year, the Democratic National Committee got targeted by cyber criminals. The committee claimed that a group of hackers, possibly backed by a foreign state, gained access to email systems of the Democrats, leaking more than 20,000 confidential emails to hurt Mrs. Clinton’s chances in a run up to the elections.

Several high-profile administrative bodies in the Philippines came under attack last month as hackers, presumably from China, used a malicious software to get hold of highly classified data following a flare-up in geopolitical tensions that spilled over into cyberspace.  

We live in an age which got immensely benefitted from information technology. However, rapid digitization also led to sharp escalation in malicious activities originating from cyberspace. Governments and organizations are increasingly under threat from espionage, cyber-heist, and denial-of-service assaults.

 It is vital to have a concerted cyber security policy in place to survive in the age of digital war. Organizations will need to ask themselves whether they have adequate IT infrastructure, cyberspace disaster management teams, and stringent legal framework supporting cyber security to prevent cybercrimes. 

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