Japan Looks to Fortify IT Systems as it Prepares for Possible Cyberattacks in Olympics 2020

   June 27, 2016   |   IT Systems, Cyber Attacks, Privileged Access Management

There was a time when Japan was relatively immune to cyberattacks. Indeed, in 2013, Asia’s second largest economy reported 310 million cyberattacks—a not so high number of attacks considering its sprawling IT infrastructure.

However, the nation is now becoming increasingly vulnerable in the cyberspace as attacks have jumped manifold in the recent years. In 2014, it recorded more than 25 billion cyberattacks. A growing number of attacks have prompted Japanese organizations to increase its IT security spending.

Not surprising, as Japan prepares for the Summer Olympics 2020, organizers have rolled up sleeves in order to ensure a smooth event. Rogue hackers and organized cybercriminals invariably try to disrupt such events by undermining the technical network.

In London 2012 Olympics, the organizers reported as many 97 IT security related instances that included 6 major incidents. In most cases, hackers orchestrated denial-of-service (DOS) kind of attacks such as disrupting the power systems.

Recently, Japan has witnessed a spate of massive cyberattacks. Earlier this month, its largest travel agency, JTB Corp suffered a data-breach which compromised about 8 million personal information accounts. Last year, its pension systems was hit by a virus, which leaked 1.25 million pension records. Besides, there have been many high-profile data-breach incidents, DOS attacks, which compromised CRITICAL IT assets.

In this backdrop, the nation is now not only looking at integrating the latest technology to safeguard its cybersecurity but also training workers. It is estimated that the event would require 350,000 well-trained staff to safeguard IT networks. At present, a workforce of 265,000 people have been working to ensure cybersecurity, which includes 160,000 workers that need additional IT security related education.

Likewise, organizations’ IT systems face increasing threats from hackers. But more worryingly, this threat now emanates from within an organization’s inner periphery. Malicious insiders, as observed in many cases, are the weakest link to organizations’ critical IT assets. As insiders have access to critical information, a weak IT security system, for instance, a lack of Privileged Access Management (PAM), could result in a data-breach incident, which might not only inflict material losses but also dent the brand image of an organization. 

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