Kung Fu Warrior’s day out in Smart City

Kung Fu Warrior’s day out in Smart City

Feb 22, 2019 |  Smart City,  Session Monitoring

After saving the country from dangerous intruders, Panda, the Kung Fu warrior gained lots of faith from the people of “Valley of Peace”. (refer earlier article) Everything was going smooth till one day Panda decided to pay a visit to a Smart City on the other side of the country. The Smart City was launched few weeks back and Panda was dying to get the feel of smart ultra modern technologies since then. All of a sudden, he got a good opportunity and Panda did no mistake in grabbing it.

Landing in the Smart City

Immediately after Panda deboarded the city bus at City Center bus stop, he noticed the display of real-time information about buses’ arrivals, departures, routes, availability of seats etc. He realized that he landed in a smart bus shelter. Mainly equipped with GPS and Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS), the smart bus shelter was having boards forecasting local weather with basic bus arrival updates. Panda got surprised and tried to realize why he could not use the mobility integration card which was promoted in the bus shelter in a big way. Even the buses arriving at the bus stop were having bus-health check instantly with the help of vehicle health monitoring system.

Panda was highly impressed and decided to visit the control room where he would get the chance to observe if the entire functionality is digitally secure. He found that the GPS tracking system that was keeping updates of the total number of buses, their locations and routes, were too vulnerable to third party access and higher chances of misuse. Panda could not refrain himself from suggesting the security officials about the loopholes and the danger associated with it.

Stepping into other core areas

Panda then decided to move on to the other part of this technological wonder. He was amazed to see the smart roads, smart road junctions, rickshaws & e-carts etc. Everywhere there were signs of innovative technologies. There were CCTV cameras in every corner of the streets to capture any unusual activities happening in the vicinity. The running of vehicles, the movement of pedestrians, how they are following the traffic rules - everything is captured smartly.

Panda checked into a motel and glanced the sensor doors that kept on sliding to and fro on the visitors’ entry and exit. He booked a room and decided to take some rest. After few hours, he received a call from the motel manager if he can join their coffee shop after an hour because the regional cyber security unit wishes to meet him. Panda readily agreed and got himself ready for an interesting discussion.

The Discussion & Solution

Panda’s presence made the coffee shop lively. After a brief introduction, Panda got into his favourite topic. He wanted to know if the security officials have taken adequate security measures to protect their “Smart City” from any unexpected digital disaster like data breach, malware attack, system hacking etc. To his utter dismay, he learned that the city was lacking proper access control mechanism, user authentication techniques, security of privileged credentials and even monitoring of the privileged sessions.

Panda listened carefully and figured out that the Smart City requires ‘Smart Security’ mechanisms to establish itself as “Smart City” in truer sense. He suggested the officials not to take chances where information security of an entire city is involved. He highly emphasized on the security of centralized control system, which comprises of hundreds of servers leading to each and every activity happening in the city. Since these servers are managed by privileged accounts, it is highly unsafe to keep them unmonitored round the clock. Panda made the security officials understand that if any third party user or hacker anyhow gets access to the any of the system, creating havoc by malfunctioning smart devices and leading the smart city reel under darkness.

The security officials realized the extent of blunder they were doing by ignoring the security aspects and requested to Panda for a suggestive remedy. They ordered another round of coffee and wanted to know how Privileged Access Management (PAM) could save them from probable face loss.

Panda was aghast to know that they didn’t have any unified centralized policy that could offer a role based privileged access to the targeted systems. Not only that, there was a lack of proper authentication mechanism of the privileged users that could have worked as a robust validation technique. Panda continued to suggest about the security of the passwords and spoke about password vaulting that could secure and randomize the privileged passwords in the entire network zone. These passwords are stored in a highly secured electronic vault and thus could prevent unauthorized users from any malpractice.

While continuing the discussion, another question popped up in the officials’ minds. They asked Panda how they would come to know about any suspicious activity happening in their network zone. Panda specially showed them the real time session monitoring which could give them the details of user activities in live dashboard. In addition, audit trails would help them with a comprehensive report that would prompt them with wise decision making about the suspicious activities.


Already being a cyber security stalwart, Panda, the Kung Fu Warrior left a memorable influence in the smart city. Each and everyone who were present at the coffee shop thanked Panda for his unmatched guidance. He stayed there for a couple of days more and became a guide to incorporate Privileged Access Management (PAM) what would protect information system from malicious actors. The security officials, who were quite bewildered about the security preparedness, took the path showed by Panda and got rid of their worries.

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