Protecting data in IOT era

Protecting data in IOT era

  September 06, 2017 |  Digital revolution, Vulnerabilities

To add value proposition and boost productivity for business, organizations have been transforming their day-to-day operations by investing more on the internet of things (IOTs).

Microprocessors and sensors connected to the internet add immense value to business as these devices transmit critical data in a real-time.

From internet connected medical devices to sensors deployed at various points enabling supply chain firms to streamline operations … the digital revolution has been the cornerstone for many remarkable ‘things’ that have transformed the way organizations function, including personal lives.

While the world of technology comprising of many groundbreaking ideas oozing mainly out of startups astonish digital community ever so often, sadly, we pay trifling attention towards IOT security.

Indeed, connecting devices to internet make organizations extremely vulnerable. Highly sophisticated attacks on IOTs is a strong possibility as hackers can break into devices by exploiting vulnerabilities.

From internet-enabled automobile gadgets, insulin pumps, glucose monitors to all other smart devices performing day-to-day tasks – possibilities now available but would have been never imagined a few years ago – risk falling prey to hackers if these devices are not adequately protected from cyber threats.

But are we prepared?

At the enterprise-level many devices (IOTs) are connected to the internet or enterprise network. Who is administrating/ accessing these devices? Who, where, at what time is someone collecting the data? … These are some important areas that need to be addressed. Unfortunately enterprises are failing to keep a track on these important aspects.

In a nutshell, access security will need a closer look. Data encryption or using strong passwords is simply not enough against the backdrop of large number of end users.

Hackers or compromised insiders can steal data, misuse it or deactivate and infect devices if the trusted privileges to access IOTs remain weakly protected.
These concerns are not theoretical.

The recent ransomware attack dubbed as WannaCry disabled hospital’s radiology equipment as hackers were able to infect the devices.


ARCON provides state-of-the-art technology aimed at mitigating information systems related risks. The company’s Privileged Access Management (PAM) / Privileged Identity Management (PIM) solution enables blocking unauthorized access to ‘privileged access’, while its Secure Configuration Management solution helps to comply with Governance, Risks, and Compliance (GRC) requirements .

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