Will China Enforce Tougher Cyber security Laws?

   June 30, 2016   |   Cybersecurity Regulations, Cyberspace, GRC, User Data

China, the world’s second largest economy, and home to some globally renowned technology companies, ironically, remains as one of the most standoffish country when it comes allowing access to foreign technology firms.

Social media giants like Facebook and Twitter are blocked, while the search engine titan Google had to wind up operations in the mainland about two years ago. Besides, a number of technology firms have also struggled to enter the market.

Foreign tech firms, especially internet companies, often find it difficult to set up base in China as its cybersecurity regulations remain one of the sternest in the world.

At the beginning of the year, China legislated a new law which requires telecommunication and internet companies to offer technical expertise to cybersecurity administrative authority, which includes decrypting of sensitive user data.

This law was enacted to “thwart” and “investigate” possible terror activities. However, China’s broader internet policy is actually aimed at restricting or completely eliminating foreign tech firms’ presence in state-owned companies, banks, and other vital strategic assets, Bloomberg recently reported.  

                Will the cyberspace regulations in China become tougher in the coming days?

There is a strong possibility. Lu Wei, who legislated China’s tough cyberspace regulations for the last two years, is set to leave. But Lu is likely to be replaced by Xu Lin, a seasoned State Propagandist, which the Wall Street Journal pointed out might be tougher on internet laws than his predecessor, citing Qiao Mu, an academic at Beijing Foreign Studies University.  

Under Mr. Wei, who compared national frontiers to the cyberspace, President Jinping was able to enact very restrictive regulations that included more government control over the internet.

We at ARCON believe that developing a set of harmonized global cybersecurity laws is the need of the hour as it would simplify Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) requirements. Although individual nations do have every right to formulate its own cybersecurity policies in order to safeguard critical IT assets, laws should not be as harsh which could stifle freedom in internet usage.


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