ARCON Basics

Basic certification courses enable new partners and users to understand the key aspects of either Privilege Account Management (PAM), Security Configuration Management (SCM) and/or Governance, Risk and Compliance Solution (GRC)

ARCON Implementation Specialist

ARCON Implementation Specialist course covers different ARCON solutions. It is granted for each solution; and the level of knowledge desired for this training is different for different solutions. While PAM and SCM solution require a higher level of technical knowledge, the GRC solution requires higher level of domain knowledge in different industries, for example: process knowledge. All trainees will gain extensive hands-on experience in configuring each component, using our step-by-step exercise guide and dedicated lab environment.

ARCON Administration Certificate

In this course, users will learn how to secure the application and provide day-to-day support to any production environment. Further, hands-on training is provided for all known FAQs in a dedicated lab environment. High Availability and Disaster Recovery configuration is also a part of this training. The key aspects of the training is to provide the management with reports, which will help them to take the decisions for various incidents or alerts.   

ARCON Consultant

ARCON Consulting course comprises of learning from our business strategists and technical experts in order to increase business critical capabilities and ensures that you get maximum output of your investment. We have developed an effective methodology for consulting services keeping in mind the budget, time frame and sensitivity of the enterprise’s needs.

Our approach comprises of:

  Project Planning

  Process Design and Development

  Solution Customization


  Post-Implementation Follow up

Certification Program

For Certification Program, please Click Here to visit ARCON University


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