Solution for successfully implementing the SWIFT (CSCF)

Solution for SWIFT (CSCF)

What is SWIFT CSCF regulatory compliance?

SWIFT CSCF (Customer Security Compliance Framework) essentially requires users to secure systems through implementing robust granular level access control in an IT environment. It mandates a host of proactive security measures that seek to “know and Limit Access” “Secure (your) Environment” and “Detect and Respond” to thwart data breach threats.

SWIFT CSCF mandates an eight-point action plan to ensure a secure SWIFT infrastructure environment that includes:

  • Restrict internet access
  • Protect Critical systems from general IT environment
  • Reduce attack surface and vulnerabilities
  • Prevent compromise of credentials
  • Manage identities and segregate privileges
  • Detect anomalous activity around SWIFT system to transaction records
  • Plan for incident response

Where do this SWIFT compliance applicable?

SWIFT CSCF compliance is applicable to:

  • Banks
  • Security Dealers
  • Trading Houses
  • Asset Management companies
  • Clearing houses
  • Corporate Business houses
  • Depositories
  • Foreign Exchanges

How ARCON Privileged Access Management can help?

  • ARCON Privileged Access Management safeguards SWIFT environment by seamlessly monitoring every single access to critical systems present in every layer of SWIFT messaging network
  • Protects Administrative accounts by enforcing principle of least privilege and granular control
  • Isolates anomalies in real time thereby preventing activities that could be fraudulent
  • Audit trails, customized reporting, dashboarding and session recording ensure all privileged sessions are logged and monitored in real-time.
  • The solution’s secure password vaulting, multi-factor authentication and Privilege Elevation & Delegation management ensures that your confidential information is secure from unauthorized access


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