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Solution for Government Organizations

Government organizations typically employ a large workforce to manage projects related to national interest and development. These authorities collect and process a high amount of critical information which ranges from defense blueprints to land registrars and social security details to intelligence data. Therefore, it is imperative for government organizations to have a robust information security in place. Privileged abuse, misuse of privileged credentials, lack of monitoring of privileged sessions often results in theft or misuse of highly-classified information.

Learn how ARCON | Privileged Access Management can enable the Information Security and Risk Management officers to reinforce control around privileged accounts.

The Solution

Protecting highly classified information, particularly in a shared user access IT environment, demands a robust privileged access management that is capable of preventing any misuse of privileged credentials. With ARCON | Privileged Access Management (PAM), the IT security department can ensure a foolproof security of information assets. The tool enables us to administer (centrally) all privileged user activities. It enforces granular level control over all privileged users whether on-premises or outsourced data centers. Besides, multifactor access authentication, real-time threat analytics, session recordings, comprehensive audit trails along with dynamic password vaulting mitigates risks of data breach from compromised elements that enjoy trusted privileges. ARCON | Security Compliance Management (SCM) removes security vulnerabilities as the tool provides real-time assessment on baseline configurations for all technology platforms. Further, ARCON | User Behavior Analytics (UBA) strengthens the overall security framework by monitoring and assessing end-user behavioral profiles and mitigates risks by providing real-time alerts on suspicious behavioral profiles.

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