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Solution for Utilities

Critical infrastructure and services face enormous threats in the age of digital war. Utilities are constantly exposed to targeted attacks. Information systems are at grave risk from privileged access abuse. Unmonitored and uncontrolled privileged access, inadequate privileged user authentication process, abuse of shared credentials, misuse of elevated privileges are some of the IT security challenges faced by the Utility industry. Malicious insiders or organized cyber criminals typically target privileged accounts to disrupt key services, steal Intellectual Property (IP) or misuse data.

Learn how ARCON | Privileged Access Management can help the Crisis Response and Risk Management team to reinforce access control around critical target systems and ensure security and service reliability.

The Solution

ARCON provides a set of innovative solutions that enables Crisis Response and Risk Management teams to mitigate advanced threats to target systems. ARCON | Privileged Access Management (PAM) suite safeguards critical IT infrastructure assets through real-time monitoring and threat analytics. The solution mitigates insider and external threats by monitoring and controlling privileged access to target devices. It enforces the principle of least privilege which ensures a granular level control and controlled restrictions over all privileged user activities. ARCON | User Behavior Analytics (UBA) is a highly effective risk-predictive technology. The solution allows the Security Personnel to monitor and assess the end-user behavioral profile. It triggers real-time alerts when an end user deflects from a configured baseline activity. ARCON | Security Compliance Management (SCM) reinforces the security framework. The tool helps in system hardening by ensuring secure configurations for all critical technology platforms through real time alerts.

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