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Surveillance Access Management

Reduce the attack surface of surveillance systems

Like with other IoT systems, there are inherent security concerns that can lead to serious breaches and hostile assaults. IP-based systems have varied topologies and technologies, making them significantly more complicated and resulting in a much broader attack surface. Robust surveillance access management is essential to thwart insider threats, third-party risks, and advanced cyber-attacks. Surveillance Access Management helps to ensure that any unauthorized access to target IP Cameras is denied.

Easy Onboarding

Add new cameras and IP addresses to your existing surveillance database with a simple process protected by Multi-Factor Authentication. De-provision users with the same level of ease and security.

Secure Access

All information collected while onboarding stays confidential and locked in a virtual database, as well as out of reach of any kind of physical or unauthorized access. SSO features allow you to connect to a different category of IP Cameras without entering login credentials.

Monitored Sessions

Monitor your sessions from a single console and detect suspicious activity around user accounts instantly. Tamper-proof logs are generated for each and every session.

Key features of ARCON | SAM

Multi-Factor Authentication

Acts as a strategic entry point to identity management systems and helps in managing system-based users.

IP Camera Onboarding

Allows administrators to seamlessly add new IP Cameras and map them as well as auto-provision and deprovision users or devices.

Session Monitoring

Provides auditing and monitoring of user activities around the enterprise IT network.

Single Sign-On

Has ready built-in connectors for all standard industry IP Camera systems without entering login credentials.

Password Vaulting

Secures all the passwords and stores them in a highly secured electronic vault.

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