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IT Risks: There is no second chance

Watch this video to know why there is no scope for a second chance in IT security and how a single mistake can result in a catastrophe.

In a game of chess, a wrong move can lead to a checkmate. Since it is a game, we might get another chance to play the game and rectify our mistakes. However, in IT security we never get a second chance to reverse our wrong steps. Data theft or data breach incidents never happen with prior notice. A single malicious act from a malefactor can wreak havoc on the data assets of an organization.


Typically, organizations’ lackadaisical attitude towards managing, monitoring and auditing of privileged user activities leads to data breach. In the wake of increased digitalization, most of the organizations face expansion of IT infrastructure, resulting in uncontrolled growth in the number of privileged accounts. As a result, security risks around privileged user access rises exponentially and today it has become absolutely necessary for the IT risk management team to know the significance of Privileged Access Management. Likewise, if organizations fail to keep a vigilant eye on end-user user behaviour patterns then risky behavior patterns go unnoticed and  eventually the organization loses it’s business reputation due to data misuse or abuse.


This video brings to the fore the importance of Privileged Access Management Security and User Behavior Analytics in an enterprise IT setup.

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