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Securing a Smart City with ARCON | PAM

Watch this video to learn how ARCON | PAM offers best security practices in a smart city and ensures every access to target devices is authorized and validated

Smart city is a prime example of digitally-enabled and data-driven innovation. Today, global municipalities are venturing into this revolution. Smart city promises to make modern-day life more livable with amenities along with efficiency. However, any kind of cyber incident can play a spoilsport.

A comprehensive Privileged Access Security mechanism is highly imperative to ensure secure IT operations in a Smart city. ARCON | Privileged Access Management (PAM) offers best-in-class security architecture to predict and mitigate risks in the overall network of a Smart City on a real-time basis.

The digital transformation in a smart city revolves around areas like mobility, education, road safety, urban infrastructure and the overall economy. To manage and control road junctions, smart schools, smart bus shelters and even smart trash bins, a smart City requires safeguards which can ensure security of network devices which collect data from sensors and control rooms that store and process data.

Thousands of privileged accounts access target systems and devices to ensure control of the overall IT operations in every node of the city. A single cyber incident- like compromise of privileged credential and/or unauthorized privileged access, can disrupt the entire operation and breach sensitive public data. Hence, the IT infrastructure of a smart city requires a stringent IT security policy that can take complete control over privileged activities. ARCON | PAM solution meets the major security requirements and creates a robust Smart City IT ecosystem. The solution offers the following benefits:

  • Multi Factor authentication for every privileged access happening in the network
  • A unified governance of all privileged tasks
  • Robust access control mechanism for every user through granular user control
  • Real-time monitoring of every privileged session in the network
  • Regular audit of privileged sessions with details including the details of critical commands fired to target systems
  • Strong password vault to frequently randomize and change passwords for privileged accounts in a highly secure manner
  • Principle of least privilege to restrict unrestricted access to the Smart City IT infrastructure

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