Cloud Access Governance

The adoption of cloud computing, including multi-cloud computing environments, is increasing rapidly. Organizations find immense benefits in terms of IT flexibility, agility, and reduced costs offered by cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Against the backdrop of expanding data spreads across the multiple cloud platforms that include a massive proliferation of digital identities (both human and non-human identities) to access data, the overall access management on cloud networks will be critical from a data security and compliance point of view. This whitepaper explained that at a time when dynamic cloud architecture is coming to dominate enterprise networks and operations, dynamic cloud access will be the need of the hour to control dynamic cloud environments. It requires a comprehensive Cloud Access Governance solution to secure data, cloud entitlements, and the cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Access Governance solutions not only offer cloud infrastructure and entitlements management (CIEM) capabilities but also provide advanced Privileged Access Management (PAM) capabilities to establish a well-rounded identity and data security framework. While CIEM ensures policy enforcement and JIT access to cloud resources, PAM enhances overall Identity Governance by providing audits and threat analysis around the identities.

The whitepaper provides a deep-dive analysis of the ARCON Cloud Access Governance platform as well. The paper highlights how ARCON’s Cloud Governance solution’s capabilities address a growing number of multi-cloud use cases, address access concerns, and solve day-to-day challenges.

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