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User Behavior Analytics

Predict & Detect Threats in Real Time

The ARCON | UBA self-learning solution builds baseline behavioral profiles for your end users and triggers real-time alerts if it detects anomalous behavior, reducing insider threats exponentially.

Secure Every Single Device
in Your Network

The ARCON | UBA tool creates a ring fence around all the endpoints of your IT infrastructure and helps you monitor it from a single command center, making sure that no end user is left unattended at any point.

Flag Suspicious Behavior in Real Time

The AI-powered solution creates baseline profiles for each of your users and alerts you every time an end user deviates from their normal behavioral patterns, helping you thwart insider threats in time.

Record the Who, When, Where, and What

The tool keeps video and text logs of all activity on critical applications and generates dynamic reports, enabling you to see who has issued what commands to which applications at what time.

Key features of ARCON | UBA

Dynamic Reporting:

Execute better IT decisions

Behavior Analytics

Crunch large lakes of end user data to identify and detect anomalies.

Live Dashboard

Complete IT oversight of end user activities.

Privilege Elevation

Implement controlled and secure access to business-critical applications.

Session Monitoring

Monitor and detect end user threats on a real-time basis.

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