Privileged Access Management (PAM) / Privileged Identity Management (PIM) is the most sought after risk-solution among information technology (IT) security professionals.

This is because; organization’s IT environment is not static. As firms grow, they reinforce their IT systems, leading into proliferation of privileged identities-- super-user accounts that enjoy an elevated authorization, enabling them to access advanced system configuration.

These privileged identities are spread across the enterprise, touching every aspect of IT fabric like operating systems, databases, servers and network devices; and hence are in position to access highly-classified data.

In a nutshell, privileged identities hold master-keys to an organization’s network of devices and databases. As a result, privileged identities are always vulnerable of being misused by malicious insiders, disgruntled employees or external malefactors.

Organizations are often completely ignorant or pay scant attention to the number of privileged identities that exist within the IT ecosystem. Moreover, in many cases, the administrative rights to access critical databases (privileged identities) keep changing, resulting in a complicated situation for IT personnel as they find very difficult to keep a tab on possible misuse of privileged identities particularly when logon details are infrequently rotated and extensively shared.

ARCON’s Privileged Access Management / Privileged Identity Management solution is a unique risk-control software, appliance (physical or virtual), and service provider in private cloud--which helps safeguarding privileged identities by monitoring and securing database assets from malefactors. It is delivered as a set of different modules that are licensed separately.

Find out how our PAM’ unique 8 features can help you Predict, Protect and Prevent unauthorized access into your privileged identities.

Key Features

Product Architecture

Arcos Product Architecture

ARCOS is a comprehensive solution for Privileged Identity Management (PIM) / Privileged Access Management (PAM), allowing monitoring and management of privileged identities.

In addition, fortifying privileged identities enable firms in fulfilling regulatory requirements from a single platform. Guidelines provided by BASELIII, HIPAA, SOX and host of many other regulatory agencies make it mandatory for firms to have necessary infrastructure in place, which would safeguard privileged identities to prevent data-breaches.

This solution provides a layer of abstraction over the underlying IT infrastructure fabric thus enforcing users to logon by using user-id, passwords, and a unique OTP (One Time Password).

Not only that, our privileged access management solution has the ability to provide required access on “need- to-have” basis and can track users’ activities distinctively even if they use privileged identities or privileged accounts.

Privileged Access Management (PAM) / Privileged Identity Management (PIM) solution not only provides a secure umbrella to the underlying IT infrastructure and data but also maintains complete audit trail of activities linked to privileged identities. This risk-control tool identifies vulnerabilities and assesses risks at various levels like the operating systems, databases, and webservers.


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