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Privileged Access Management


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ARCON is a Customers’ Choice for Privileged Access Management 2021

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The nature of cyberattacks is getting sophisticated in the ever-expanding digital workplace. For enterprise IT security teams, protecting privileged accounts, one of the major sources of data breaches, remains a top priority. Cyber attacks can be devastating, if compromised corporate insiders, malicious third-party or organized cybercriminals exploit privileged credentials or unmonitored privileged accounts, the source of attack kill-chain.

ARCON | Privileged Access Management (PAM) offers enterprise IT security, risk and compliance management teams with necessary safeguards to securely manage the lifecycle of privileged accounts. A highly scalable and enterprise-class solution, ARCON | PAM seamlessly works in all IT environments to secure privileged accounts. The solution implements the best privilege access management practices to build a foundation for robust identity and access control IT architecture.


ARCON | PAM the best-fit architecture

On-prem data center environment

  • Manages, monitors and controls privileged accounts seamlessly
  • Ensures secure access to target systems and applications
  • Randomizes and changes passwords frequently to overcome the threats arising from shared credentials
  • Secures on-prem data by monitoring every privileged session on a real-time time basis
  • Runs seamlessly in Windows, Unix, and Linux operating systems

Distributed data center environment

  • Offers a centralized policy framework
  • Ensures each and every access to systems from anywhere is through one single console, ARCON | PAM
  • Provides a rule and role-based access control to all target systems
  • Implements deepest levels of granular level control over privileged accounts
  • Strengthens authentication mechanism with Multi-factor validation and password vaulting

On-cloud environment

  • Offers multi-factor authentication including adaptive authentication for secure access to cloud-based applications, management consoles and virtual machines
  • Implements access only on ‘need-to-know’ and ‘need-to-do’ principle
  • Provides robust password vaulting along with frequent rotation and randomization of privileged credentials
  • Builds unified access control and governance framework to monitor privileged identities
  • Tracks and records session logs of all administrative activities in video and text format

Hybrid environment

  • Offers a centralized policy to manage the access control mechanism of all IT operational segments
  • EImplements principle of least privilege which ensures limited privileged accounts to manage IT operations on-prem and cloudnsures secure access to target systems and applications
  • Ensures robust password vaulting where the privileged passwords are frequently randomized and rotated
  • Monitors every privileged session in real-time and generates report for regular IT audit
  • Provides just-in-time privileges to restrict unnecessary escalation of privileged accounts

DevOps Environment

  • Ensures controlled access and protect scripts and other embedded secrets throughout the DevOps pipeline
  • Manages credentials used by applications, container platforms, automation tools and other non-human identities
  • Tackles and non-human access to CI/ CD consoles
  • Leverages native application attributes and role-based access controls to authenticate applications and containers
  • Accelerates ARCON | PAM implementation/ deployment through containerization

Privileged Access Management (PAM) – An Overview

Privileged users have elevated rights to access critical systems, business-critical applications and databases.

ARCON | Privileged Access Management (PAM) is the best-in-class PAM solution that offers an array of features that not only mitigates data breach threats but also predicts risks arising from suspicious users in the network.

Key Features

Fine-Grained Access Control

Implement privileged access practice on ‘need-to-know’ and ‘need-to-do basis’


Password Vaulting

Automate and secure password changing process and frequently randomize privileged passwords


Session Monitoring

Spot threats and mitigate risks on real-time basis to secure privileged access environment


Just-in-time Privileges

Reduce the threat surface by removing standing privileges to systems and applications



Securely allow one-time access to critical systems without sharing privileged credentials


Audit Trails

A complete audit trail of privileged activities, reports and analytical tools capture the outputs and improve decision making


Multi-factor Authentication

Implement a robust validation mechanism to deny unauthorized access


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