ARCON | Drift Management

A highly advanced solution for promptly detecting drifts as well as remediating them to ensure business continuity and robust digital ecosystem.

Application Proliferation Augments IT Vulnerability And Complexity

At a time when applications are proliferating in a typical IT environment, mainly due to cloud first and on-premises augmentation strategies, compliance and risk management leaders are increasingly worried about how to proactively eliminate threats that arise from application drifts.

When unauthorized application deviation arises because of variance between configuration and setting of DR including production environments, it leads to application downtime and subsequent monetary losses.

With ARCON Drift Management, security leaders can ensure that applications’ configurations are appropriately maintained which in turn helps to mitigating compliance failures, potential business disruptions and possible data breach threats.

Embracing The Best Practices To Keep The Digital Ecosystem Safe and Secure

ARCON Drift Management can detect drifts across the entire stack of digital assets – disparate OSes, applications, application codes, firewall rules and policies, system configurations, cloud configurations, networks devices, databases and security fixes.

This way, the solution helps governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) leaders to preserve the desired state of all security controls by continuously comparing the current configuration of IT assets against the standard baseline policy, keeping the digital ecosystem safe and secure.

ARCON | Drift Management

A robust centralized engine which demonstrates to audit teams that an organization is maintaining continuous compliance of IT assets. Prompt drift detections and remediations of deviations from baselines eliminates risks emanating from weak compliance posture and keeps IT security teams audit ready. Additionally, the solution supports High Availability, ensuring business continuity.

Salient Features

Centralized Platform
Allows security administrators to flawlessly define, implement, and monitor compliance controls and measures throughout the IT infrastructure.
Monitoring Compliance Gaps

Reinforces the enterprise resilience posture by proficiently identifying the compliance gaps, ensuring proactive implementation of remediation actions, and diligently tracking progress towards fulfilling regulatory obligations.

Compliance Management
Empowers organizations with advanced features including policy management as per the compliance requirements and based on the organization’s IT need.
Workflows Management

Empowers organizations to precisely define task sequences, assign responsibilities, and establish approval mechanisms. This ensures consistent and efficient execution of application drift management and fosters seamless coordination and collaboration.

Dashboard and Reporting

The solution’s comprehensive dashboard and reporting engine offers 360-degree visibility over compliance and non-compliance across the entire stack of digital assets in terms of drift management.

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