Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

ARCON’s comprehensive range of products and components has been deployed in a variety of industries with great success. Read more about these use-cases here.

Authorization, validation, and monitoring of privileges are absolutely vital for ensuring robust data security in the healthcare industry. ARCON’s best-in-class products can help the healthcare sector safeguard critical information such as R&D, Intellectual Property, clinical trials data, and patients’ records that are always vulnerable to data breaches and other advanced cyber threats through a robust access control network.

ARCON | Privileged Access Management

ARCON | Privileged Access Management (PAM) ensures a centralized policy framework to administer and control a user’s access to health information and other classified information. Access to critical information is allowed only after multifactor authentication. End users are segregated based on job functions, responsibilities and access is restricted and fine-grained

ARCON | Security Compliance Management

ARCON | Security Compliance Management (SCM) removes security vulnerabilities as the tool provides real-time assessment on baseline configurations for all technology platforms. Audit trails are maintained and session monitoring components are built into the solution to keep track of the entire process.

ARCON | User Behavior Analytics

ARCON | User Behavior Analytics (UBA) strengthens the overall security framework by monitoring and assessing end user behavioral profiles and mitigates risks by providing real-time alerts on suspicious activities that deviate from baseline profiles.


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