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Global Remote Access

Anytime, anywhere admin support for your systems
ARCON | Global Remote Access (GRA) is a new remote desktop tool that allows administrators to establish a remote connection within an enterprise network to any client machine. In case of a problem, client users can allow admins or help desk engineers to troubleshoot the machine in a controlled environment.

Find Immediate Assistance

Able to take on multiple sessions at the same time, admins on the GRA module are always available to respond to requests for assistance. Remote support is provided as soon as the admin accepts your on-demand request.

Control their Access to your Computer

Gives you the ability to retain control over your own machine while having your software issues resolved. You have the power to elevate admins’ rights, privileges, change passwords, and access-related tasks during a remote assist session.

Learn how to Troubleshoot your System

As the admin makes adjustments to your system, you can see everything that they are doing on the screen. This helps you learn how to resolve minor issues/situations related to the application or the system in case you run into a problem again.

Key features of ARCON | GRA

File transfer

Files can be transferred between the service requesters and PAM users.

Single Interface

A single management platform is used to manage multiple systems and connections as well as comply with security obligations.

Video Logs

Video logs generate a detailed audit trail and provide material for session analysis and training purposes.

End User-Controlled Access

A remote assist session is processed only on approval from the service requester, who also has granular control to define the access level of the ARCON | PAM provider.


Detailed reports are generated for all remote assist sessions.

User Behavior Analytics

End users, not the machines, pose the biggest security challenge in the fast-changing IT infrastructure landscape. While compromise of privileged credentials remains one of the most feared IT threats of an enterprise IT security team, more and more IT incidents are stemming from anomalous end user behavioral profiles. Threat Detection and real-time analytics is a need of the hour. ARCON | User Behavior Analytics solution offer enterprise IT security teams with necessary tools to crunch a large lake of enterprise data, spot anomalous and risky behavior profiles along with a capability to trigger alerts in real-time.

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