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Endpoint Privilege Management

Secure Monitoring & Management of End Users

The ARCON | Endpoint Privilege Management solution (EPM) grants endpoint privileges ‘just-in-time’ or ‘on-demand’ and monitors all end users for you. The tool detects insider threats, compromised identities, and other malicious attempts to breach endpoints. It has a powerful User behavior Analytics component that takes note of the normal conduct of end users and identifies atypical behavior profiles and other entities in the network.

Prevent Data Leaks

A single governance framework enables you to blacklist malicious applications, prevent data being copied from devices to removable storage, and offers fine-grained access to all applications with ‘just-in-time’ privilege elevation and demotion capabilities.

Secure Remote Access

No matter how many endpoints you have because of WFH and remote access workplaces, secure them all with a single endpoint management tool. Elevate privileges according to your discretion, at your convenience.

Monitor End Users

A powerful User Behavior Analytics component analyzes end user behavior and creates base profiles for all users. The system alerts you to any suspicious activity that deviates from the baseline for an end user so that you are never caught unawares.

Key features of ARCON | EPM

Application Security

Secures endpoints by blacklisting malicious applications.

Priority-Wise Profiling

Enables IT security staff to systematically grant access to specific applications based on access priority and end users’ profiles.

Smart Dashboard

Provides a real time view of endpoint privilege sessions to control and govern users, helping meet regulatory compliance standards.

Centralized Governance

Automatically creates endpoint privilege policies by profiling all the on-boarded end users’ roles and responsibilities.

Data Loss Prevention

Ensures copying of any sort of data or information, sensitive or otherwise, is restricted to and from unauthorized endpoints.

User Behavior Analytics

End users, not the machines, pose the biggest security challenge in the fast-changing IT infrastructure landscape. While compromise of privileged credentials remains one of the most feared IT threats of an enterprise IT security team, more and more IT incidents are stemming from anomalous end user behavioral profiles. Threat Detection and real-time analytics is a need of the hour. ARCON | User Behavior Analytics solution offer enterprise IT security teams with necessary tools to crunch a large lake of enterprise data, spot anomalous and risky behavior profiles along with a capability to trigger alerts in real-time.

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