Solutions for the Banking, Financial and Insurance Industry

ARCON’s comprehensive range of products and components has been deployed in a variety of industries with great success. Read more about these use-cases here.

ARCON’s robust risk-predictive technologies mitigate risks arising out of an ever growing IT infrastructure in the BFSI sector, enabling your Security Risk Management and Compliance department to strengthen your BFSI enterprise’s privileged access controls.

ARCON | Privileged Access Management

The ARCON | Privileged Access Management (PAM) tool provides foolproof security against insider and third party threats by reinforcing access controls to critical systems. The solution works on the principle of ‘least privilege,’ enabling you to enforce granular level control over all privileged users. All privileged user activities, including third-party access, are centrally controlled and monitored. Real-time threat analytics secure target systems from unauthorized access. It also enables privileged sessions recordings and generates customized audit trail reports including secure management and rotation of privileged credentials.

ARCON | User Behavior Analytics

ARCON | User Behavior Analytics (UBA) enables security and risk management teams to analyze end user behavior activities. The tool allows you to detect any anomalous behavior profiles that deviate from baseline activities and catch them before they can do any damage.

ARCON | Security Compliance Management

ARCON | Security Compliance Management (SCM) ensures system hardening. The solution provides real-time assessment of all baseline security configurations for all technology platforms whilst ensuring desired compliance levels.


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