ARCON | Security Compliance Management

A highly effective solution to strengthen an organization’s IT security posture by remediating risks promptly whilst complying with industry standards benchmarking.

Increasing Technology Adoption Expands Technology Stack Resulting in Potential Threats

Consistently preserving authorized configured security baselines for enterprise technology stack-databases, servers and operating systems-to secure the IT estate’s foundation.

Keeping Constant Vigil and Remaining Alert

A centralized platform allowing security administrators and auditors to store and maintain comprehensive information about each deviation to policy and configuration drifts including associated risks.

ARCON | Security Compliance Management

Providing security professionals with the ability to detect, assess, and mitigate risks associated with compliance gaps across multiple layers of information technology assets. The solution helps to develop a comprehensive risk management framework with robust auditing and reporting engine as well. Furthermore, the solution is built on Low Code/No Code technology that ensures frictionless deployments for end users.

Key Features

Automatic Risk Review
Offers autonomous scanning and assessment of various risk factors arising from non-compliance issues. It helps to swiftly identify and alert the organization to potential risks. This automated process eliminates the need for laborious manual reviews, enabling prompt risk identification and response.
Exception Management
Allows exception management in certain cases such as the organization being aware of certain risks that it can live with. In such cases, exceptions could be raised through well-structured workflows and associated with details such as Risk Analysis, Risk Mitigation details, exception duration, etc.
Security Drift
It allows to document and apply baseline security configurations for all categories of devices throughout the lifecycle-from conception to deployment; and carry out reviews periodically by eliminating the manual assessment process. The allows an enterprise to prioritize security & configuration compliance efforts.
Policy Manager
Enables IT infrastructure and operations team to set compliance and security policies across all major operating systems and Windows Server, Solaris Server, Linux and ESX Linux Server, among others. It is also compatible with several database technologies, Web servers and storage technologies.

Workflow Management

Empowers admins to precisely define task sequences, assign responsibilities, and establish approval mechanisms. This ensures consistent and efficient execution of security processes. It fosters seamless coordination and collaboration among stakeholders engaged in compliance and timely decision-making.
Dashboard and Reporting
Provides a holistic view of an organization IT estate’s security compliance landscape in real time. With its centralized interface, the Live Dashboard offers a comprehensive display of key metrics, status updates, and critical information pertaining to compliance measures, and risk assessments.

Why can information risk management pros maintain a highly effective risk remediation program with ARCON | SCM?

ARCON|Security Compliance Management Solution

The solution provides core capabilities required to detect, assess, remediate, and report IT risks (compliance gaps), ensuring desired level of compliance and security.
Provides in-depth security and configuration assessments for an entire technology stack-databases, network security devices, middleware, and operating systems.
ARCON’s Security Configuration Manager provides server hardening capabilities to ensure that servers are fortified against prevalent attack vectors and comply with regulatory standards.

An Ordinary Compliance Management tool

Typically, it is not evolved in terms of functionalities and may offer sole functionality such as identifying vulnerabilities, which is inadequate from a security point of view.
Support for security and configuration assessments for entire technology stack are not widely available in traditional VA tools, as these tools focus more on the vulnerability assessment rather than the security compliance assessment.
Considering the tools are focused on Vulnerability Assessments, it lacks such capability.
A highly intuitive SCM dashboard provides a comprehensive view of information security posture through charts, graphs, and data summaries. It delivers a concise and easily digestible snapshot of the organization’s security performance.

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Executive View on ARCON | SCM

“Given ARCON’s strengths in identity-based access management and its chosen risk-based approach to effective security compliance management it is no surprise that ARCON Security Compliance Management is a well-designed, easy to deploy tool that focuses on the right capabilities to assist organizations with security compliance.”
– Paul Fisher, Senior Analyst, KuppingerCole Analysts AG

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