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Accelerating the Cloud-first Journey with the World’s Most Evolved CIEM (Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management) Platform

Identity Sprawls

Building a formidable security perimeter with ARCON Cloud Governance. A unified platform to manage workloads, developers’ tools and cloud resources, ARCON Cloud Governance safeguards cloud assets and identities by enforcing least privileges.

Manage, Govern
and Deliver
Immediate Value

Seamlessly manage users, groups, and services as well as define and govern roles, policies, permissions, and entitlements to secure cloud infrastructure and identities across multi-cloud platforms while ensuring scalability through strong prebuilt integrations for maximizing returns.

Key Features

A purpose-built solution to address highly velocity cloud access management use cases
Whether Human or Nonhuman Identities, ARCON Cloud Governance provides a one-stop-solution to govern identities and their entitlements with additional layers of proactive risk detection and remediation capabilities.
Granular Visibility
Enables security administrators to have comprehensive visibility over cloud entitlements. It offers a graph view of all end users’ access that denotes the relationship between identities and their corresponding entitlements. Thus, administrators can weigh permissions
Centralized Dashboard
Provides administrators with the 360 degrees view of all the cloud resources with a single pane of glass. Offers interactive dashboard for comprehensive overview of various entitlements available across the multiple cloud platforms.
Entitlements Management
Strengthens the security fabric on cloud as administrators can define the policies and permissions for distinct entities wanting to access files, workloads, databases, management consoles, services, servers, containers and many other cloud resources.
Risk control
Ensures holistic risk management. The built-in AI and ML capabilities enable administrators to analyze and categorize permission usage, detect shadow administrative rights and overprivileged permissions as well as generate risk scores for further action.
Governance of SaaS platforms
Offers robust governance engine for identity lifecycle management, ensuring review provisioning and deprovisioning of privileges. Identity governance enforces strong accountability so that privileges do not spiral out.
Compliance with IT standards
Meets with global regulations and IT standards that demand stringent compliance as to data protection, data integrity, data security. For example; SWIFT, PCI-DSS, NIST, HIPAA, GDPR, American Institute for of Certified Public

Why does ARCON | Cloud Governance stand out from the rest of the vendors?

ARCON | CIEM solution

ARCON Cloud Governance offers a high level of integration with authentication protocols and SIEM tools including incident response capability, enabling strong security posture.
Strong prebuilt integrations with disparate cloud applications enable security teams to leverage the solution’s powerful identity governance engine.
Offers the most advanced JIT capabilities that include creating ephemeral accounts, temporary elevation for groups, roles and entitlements, ensuring the least privilege principle.
Offers the most deep-dive governance engine to reinforce security around identities and cloud entities.
Comes with the most effective dashboarding capabilities, helping cloud admins to make well-informed administrative decisions.

An ordinary CIEM solution

Many CIEM vendors struggle to provide solid integrations with SIEM tools and authentication protocols, increasing cloud security vulnerability.
Struggle to offer adequate governance capabilities. Neither do these tools have adequate integration with SaaS applications, nor offer well-rounded governance.
An ordinary CIEM tool typically is not advanced enough to offer an array of JIT capabilities.
May offer governance engine but are seldom as advanced as ARCON CIEM.
Many CIEM vendors struggle to provide a robust dashboarding- lack holistic resource usage visualization, hampering administrative experience.

ARCON | Cloud Governance Platform

Apply company security policies right across all cloud services in one sweep.
The Unified dashboard ensures that administrators do not have to jump from one cloud console to another. All access rights are managed through a unified interface which includes interactive graphs (access map) as well as data on identities and entitlement to resources.

ARCON | Cloud Governance recognized as an Overall Leader, Innovation Leader and Product Leader.

The 2023 KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management

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