Cloud Governance

Using cloud infrastructure is crucial to your company’s success

The ARCON | Cloud Governance module can assist in gaining total insight and control over your cloud infrastructure and workload. It offers visibility into unnecessary rights, modifies regulations without affecting developer processes, detects potential abnormalities, and enforces access regulations across all users.

Key features of ARCON | CG

Granular Recommendations

Helps connect to a different category of systems and devices without entering login credentials.

Centralized Dashboard

Offers a highly secure password vault that generates strong and dynamic passwords and rotates them automatically.

Access Inspection

Assess for unwanted or underused access across cloud platforms

Entitlement Visualization

Various entitlements like users, groups, roles, etc are continuously discovered across all supported platforms

Benefits of ARCON | CG

Find underutilized sensitive entitlements throughout the multi-cloud system to identify extra rights and "right-size" access

Mitigate risk by using AI and machine learning algorithms to generate granular, instantly deployable policy remediations that remove excessive or unneeded rights

Weigh permissions by the scope of allowed access, automatically calculating a quantifiable exposure level score reflecting the total permissions risk of each entity

Ease access visibility with an interactive graphic map of access, which includes everything from identities to entitlements to resources