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Single Sign-On

A pivotal component of your information security network
ARCON | Single Sign-On (SSO) is an access management capability decider that enables employees to access multiple disparate systems by authenticating just once. ARCON | SSO offers a reliable integration for SSO to all mobile and web applications, optimized for mobile platforms, with industry-standard SAML authentication and other modern protocols.

Prevent Misuse of Applications

A limited number of credentials means improved security and controlled entry points. Your users are used to seeing one screen while logging in, reducing phishing incidents.

Sign In Just Once

Forget remembering multiple passwords and login credentials for separate apps. Sign in just once to your system and get access to all your applications from a single dashboard. This means fewer support calls to reset passwords, login queries, and username blocks.

Easy to Administer

When equipped with both SSO and PAM, you can easily switch between the two. Makes administration activities of adding, deleting, updating users easier and enables a faster development and release cycle.

Key features of ARCON | SSO

Access Control

Helps prevent unauthorized changes to the system by enabling and disabling the user logon, session lockout, endpoint-based access, and dual authorization for a user.

Multi-factor Authentication

Requires well-established identity references (validation) for accessing various applications.

Self Service Portal

Ensures that the user is able to raise a request for any application which is not yet assigned to the user.

Seamless Integrations

Allows Single Sign-on (SSO) for browser applications with App Web Browser, which helps provide holistic security, reduce risk, and increase visibility.

Password Management

Allows passwords to be updated manually by the end user as well as rotated as per the defined policy, which ensures proper synchronization across the network to prevent service disruptions.

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