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My Vault

My Vault is a File and Secret Management application

ARCON | My Vault is a File and Secret Management application. With My Vault, users can perform operations such as uploading, downloading, viewing, sharing and deleting files/secrets from the vault just as one does on a regular drive. Users can share (documents, spreadsheets, images, certificates, SSH Keys, video, and/or audio files) with other My Vault users without sending them through email or printing them out.

Key features of ARCON | MV

Activity Overview

The My Vault page displays details of existing files present in the vault

File transfer

Files can be transferred from My Vault to any target device with ARCON | PAM


The owner and admin is/are notified of any operation done on a file/secret by any user on a real-time basis

File/Secret storage

My Vault is a centralized repository where any important file/secret can be stored in an encrypted manner with the ARCON | Password Envelope Management (APEM) utility

Extensive Formats

Various file formats such as .xls, .doc, .xml, .csv, .pdf, etc. are supported

Audit Logs

Audit logs act as evidence of all user activity. They create a system to accurately review operational activities and secure authorized access to them

Drag and Drop Interface

Users can simply drag files from anywhere on the desktop and drop them on the My Vault page

File Sharing

Share uploaded files or secrets created between My Vault users in an encrypted manner


Reports keep track of all operations and highlight transactions performed by individuals on the system

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