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Endpoint Security: A tactical priority

Endpoint Security: A tactical priority | RIsks To Watch | ARCON

Endpoint security is as important as identity governance and access management Information security receives significant focus these days. Amid increase in cyber-attacks, notably on endpoints, there is an urgent need to build a secure and reliable IT framework. Identity and Access Management (IAM) and cloud identity governance, several studies show, receive maximum IT security spending […]

The Importance of Privileged Access Management knows no bounds

A young man named Sumit joined an organization as a junior sales associate. The company allotted him a laptop for his daily work activities. Sumit found that the laptop was used by the previous employee and it was given to him since he is no more associated with the organization. However, Sumit did not bother […]

Data Breach Prevention: Focus of Modern Business Entrepreneurs

It has become quite rare today that we are not coming across any news of data breach incident irrespective of small or large organizations. This has forced the new and young entrepreneurs to take adequate preventive measures rather than paying price for negligence. Since digital threats are getting sophisticated day by day, they are always […]

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