Targeted Attacks on confidential data

A popular European budget airline has recently revealed that it had suffered a “highly sophisticated” cyberattack exposing names, email addresses and travel details of almost 9 million customers. This incident has shaken the world of cybersecurity and has forced the IT security officials to rethink about the robustness of access control management and overall cybersecurity […]

Covid 19: New Paradigms and Cyber Security for Enterprises

The global economy is in turmoil. The novel Covid 19 syndrome or Coronavirus has plunged the world order in chaos and uncertainty. If the stock markets are any barometer then we stare at troubled times ahead. With trillions of dollars wiped out in the stock markets due to rising uncertainty, an economic slowdown looks impending […]

Cyber Insurance: A must for today’s organizations

Overview The importance of cyber insurance was first acknowledged by global enterprises way back in 2003 just after the California Security Breach and Information Act came into effect. Major Cybercrimes that involve malware, ransomware, phishing, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and even malicious insider threats were the concerns for organizations. Securing their data assets was the […]

Alarming Rise of Privileged Account Breaches

Digital security breaches happening globally have not spared any industry from its fangs. These breach incidents mostly take place with the help of external malefactors or malicious insiders. The ever-existing challenge of information security always comes in between smooth IT operations and data protection of small, medium and large business enterprises. The privileged accounts which […]

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