Time to prioritize IT Risk Management


When the going gets tough, the tough gets going— probably one of the most apt expressions to follow and keep the spirits high in departing 2020 as both the global economy and health faced the stiffest challenge in recent times due to the pandemic. Enterprise IT environment wasn’t untouched either. The sudden shift in the […]

Why your enterprise requires an adaptive authentication?

Far too often, security lapses around privileged identities happen in the absence of restrictive access to critical systems or if there is no implementation of least privilege principle. With so many users, user groups, service groups accessing critical systems, applications, databases and cloud resources from distributed and heterogeneous IT environment, — maintaining data integrity becomes […]

The Importance of Privileged Access Management knows no bounds

A young man named Sumit joined an organization as a junior sales associate. The company allotted him a laptop for his daily work activities. Sumit found that the laptop was used by the previous employee and it was given to him since he is no more associated with the organization. However, Sumit did not bother […]

Malicious Insider: Tame your Worry

Historically and traditionally, outsiders pose bigger threats to organizations as far as data security is concerned. However, of late, it has been a subject of debate where many security professionals are of the opinion that insiders pose bigger threats to modern enterprises where security access is breached by exploiting the privileged accounts. Insiders are likely […]

Is your Firm Prepared to Identify Data breach?

Data Breach– one of those excruciating costs which are keeping compliance managers and top managements on tenterhooks–is preventable, if firms possess necessary tools to identify malicious attempts to steal information, at the right time. Traditionally firms in order to interpret their financial standings and gauge the measure of preparedness against innumerable business risks, look at […]

Have You Secured Those Master Keys to Your IT Network?

Data breaches continued to haunt corporations across the world. From Japan’s largest travel agency to UK’s leading accounting software firm and from America’s prominent hospital chain to Africa’s emerging financial institutions, organizations spanning varied industries and different sizes got their data exposed this year as malefactors exploited slightest of the security gaps. Such incidents would […]

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