Social Engineering and Data Breach

Social Engineering and Data Breach

There is no question regarding how technically highly-advanced and sophisticated cyber-criminals are. They possess adequate skills and know-how to intrude inside the IT network and steal sensitive information and bring the IT ecosystem to a standstill. Nevertheless, one often overlooked fact is that most of the IT incidents stem from social engineering: an act of […]

When Bad AI takes on Good AI

When Bad AI takes on Good AI | ARCON | Blog

In the vast compass of the digitalized world, the good actors often meet roadblocks created by bad actors. The later, as always, want to create a panic, and bring disruptions of all sorts. They look to corrupt or steal the data typically for financial gains. The area of AI is a typical example where bad […]

Risks, Compliance and Emerging perils

Risks, Compliance and Emerging perils | Risks To Watch | ARCON

The fallout of financial frauds in the cryptocurrency industry could be devastating and finally regulators are taking note of it. Indeed, regulators are scurrying to bring in a fresh set of guidelines to ensure that the collapse of cryptocurrency network does not end up posing a systemic risk. Some questions remain to be answered though. […]

Time to prioritize IT Risk Management


When the going gets tough, the tough gets going— probably one of the most apt expressions to follow and keep the spirits high in departing 2020 as both the global economy and health faced the stiffest challenge in recent times due to the pandemic. Enterprise IT environment wasn’t untouched either. The sudden shift in the […]

Tread Wisely between IT Security & Convenience

An exclusive research by Gartner predicts that information security expenditure would exceed $124B by the end of 2019 globally. Despite this steep hike in cybersecurity investments, the number of cyberattacks escalated drastically this year. Most of the industries suffered badly as cyber crooks turn up with more sophisticated techniques among which identity theft tops the […]

Reinforcing Information Security – Need of the hour in Africa

Threat Landscape One of the major news channels of South Africa suffered massive data breach compromising data of 60 million users (mostly South African citizens) during March 2017. This is considered to be the largest data breach incident in the history of South Africa. Once the hacking news spread like wildfire among the cyber security […]

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