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When Bad AI takes on Good AI

When Bad AI takes on Good AI | ARCON | Blog

In the vast compass of the digitalized world, the good actors often meet roadblocks created by bad actors. The later, as always, want to create a panic, and bring disruptions of all sorts. They look to corrupt or steal the data typically for financial gains.

The area of AI is a typical example where bad actors through AI powered malicious programs try to disrupt all the good things being done by good AI.

Indeed, AI is a convoluted program with embedded algorithms to detect patterns. And it can be used both ways. Therefore, it is fair to say that the AI in itself is a paradox.

And how effectively can one minimize the impact arising from this paradox? It depends on what way a modern-day enterprise prepares itself against unseen IT threats.


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Let’s dig a deeper to understand this paradox.

Consider modern supply chains, automobile manufacturers or any sort of industry verticals associated with logistics. These companies increasingly implement AI-powered tools for efficiency gains and to streamline the entire process.

Not just the IT staff, but non-IT professionals as well nowadays use AI tools in a range of operational and manufacturing issues.

What that means is while altering the conventional approach, today’s advanced technology-inclined organizations are creating a vast ecosystem of digital identities. Indeed, for every AI tool, more users are being created to access AI-driven information, and more devices are being used.

Many among those are privileged accounts, offering access to highly confidential information. In this context, imagine the IT upheaval if that data is compromised by advanced cyber-criminals using AI-powered malware?

Much to our dismay, an advanced targeted attack only needs access to systems from the backdoors to initiate an attack. Unlike not-so-dangerous bots, sophisticated malware with embedded algorithms capable of detecting patterns, remain undetected, and navigate inside the network to exfiltrate the data.

AI and paradox: Can risks be mitigated?

Amid rapidly transforming compliance landscape, organizations must have sufficient plans for staying resilient. Organizations keep a backup for data. The data is being encrypted. GRC policies take a priority. Nevertheless, more needs to be done in this regard.

Organizations must evaluate whether there are sufficient mechanisms in place to react in the moment of crisis. Are robust Access Management practices implemented to ensure authorized and authenticated access? Are the best practices being implemented to secure endpoints and privileged accounts from sophisticated malware and targeted attacks?

The Bottom-line

 Technology advancements have rendered modern-day organizations in precarious situations. Businesses and organizations are on thin ice if ever-looming IT threats are not accounted for.

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