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It’s not just about changing passwords

It’s not just about changing passwords | Risk To Watch | ARCON

Alright, passwords are changed regularly and all the updates are being installed unfailingly. Our devices are safe and secure, and the data is going nowhere.  That’s the general presumption of ours, isn’t it? And that is a huge mistake. In this large interconnected cyber space, unknown online threats are plenty. Tricksters are always at the […]

Some Common Mistakes Leading to Privileged Access Misuse

In the age of digitization, while organizations are busy with the digital transformation, cyber crooks take this as an opportunity to look out for loopholes in the security of IT infrastructure and exploit them to steal as much information as possible. The administrative IDs and privileged credentials are the most vulnerable among all. Organizations very […]

Strengthen Access Control Mechanism to Mitigate Third Party Risks

Banks continue to be the most targeted organizations by data-greedy hackers in this digital economy. While several reports show that the compliance framework among European organizations is still not up to the mark post-implementation of the GDPR — a period that witnessed several data breach incidents, another breach incident has raised a fresh question on […]

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