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Are datacenters fortified to pevent the misuse of shared privileged accounts?

Amidst rising threat of cyber crime, enterprises today maintain datacenters with more robust security measures. To thwart and detect advanced threats, the IT security departments deploy a host of antivirus and antimalware software in datacenters; whilst several provisions like the Identity Detection Systems (IDS), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), and sandboxing help monitoring the network traffic. […]

Datacenter: Maintain it like a fort

Since prehistoric times, forts have a special significance in our lives. From medieval castles in Scotland to ancients forts built by Greeks, Romans, pre-independence princely states of India, and Egyptians– these garrisons have played a crucial role for serving defense purposes of armies—a prerequisite to build successful empires. Stronger the fortifications, more successful were the […]

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