Are datacenters fortified to pevent the misuse of shared privileged accounts?

Amidst rising threat of cyber crime, enterprises today maintain datacenters with more robust security measures. To thwart and detect advanced threats, the IT security departments deploy a host of antivirus and antimalware software in datacenters; whilst several provisions like the Identity Detection Systems (IDS), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), and sandboxing help monitoring the network traffic.

Further, the Identity and Access Control Management, an area which earlier far too often did not attract much attention, has gained more importance. For example, enterprises switching to biometrics and two-factor authentication and so on.

The overall improving security standards in datacenters coupled with resounding cyber security governance and compliance policies in place have meant that enterprises have become more resilient to counter cyber threats.

Nevertheless, one of the most important assets of any enterprise, data, remain extremely vulnerable.

Do you know where most of the enterprises err?

Let’s consider a typical datacenter of a mid-size company. In general, it has administrative and privilege user accounts to the tune of 4 digits (between 100 and 1000). The privileged login credentials, typically, get stored in excel sheets. And in most cases, these credentials get shared among privilege users. Now imagine, if one of the privilege users, as a result of greed or disgruntlement, collude with external malefactors or some other compromised insiders to misuse the elevated authorization to access confidential information. It can wreak havoc to the enterprise. And more worryingly, such insider jobs take months to detect.
That’s why it is imperative for any modern-day enterprise to safeguard its privileged accounts. Organizations make a mistake when IT security departments fail to monitor these super user accounts by failing to deploy automated powerful tool like the Privileged Access Management (PAM) / Privileged Identity Management (PIM) Management. Integrating this solution not only helps securing privileged accounts everywhere on a network but it also provides an audit trail of each access request. It eliminates any room for insider misuse.

ARCON is a leading enterprise risk control solutions provider, specializing in risk-predictive technologies. ARCON | User Behavior Analytics enables to monitor end-user activities in real time. ARCON | Privileged Access Management reinforces access control and mitigates data breach threats. ARCON | Secure Compliance Management is a vulnerability assessment tool.

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