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BSP Circular 982

What is BSP Circular 982 compliance?

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP Circular 982) is an IT security regulation mandated by the Central Bank of the Republic of the Philippines.

To whom is BSP Circular 982 applicable?

The compliance mandates security for IT infrastructure and operations, digital electronic financial products and services, IT projects and initiatives, and outsourced services.

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How can ARCON | Privileged Access Management help?

ARCON | Privileged Access Management ensures IT security by:

Providing Multi-factor Authentication - access to any underlying target systems is only after a thorough authentication process

Controlling and monitoring every activity around critical database and business-critical applications in every environment: on-prem, on-cloud, MSPs and hybrid IT ecosystems

Enabling IT risk management teams with real-time threat analytics capabilitie

Password Vaulting - access credentials to critical systems are securely managed and frequently randomized

Providing fined-grained privileged user control

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