CERT-In Guidelines: Applying Key Security Procedures to Detect, Mitigate and Report Cyber Incidents

Cyber incidents and cyber security incidents have been and continue to be reported from time to time. And the complexities arising from modern-day enterprise IT set-up make it challenging to detect and respond to cyber incidents in a timely manner. 

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team or CERT-In’s latest guidelines mandate that organizations must have the necessary mechanisms in place to gather relevant information in response to cyber incidents. Not only that, CERT-In has also mandated organizations to report cyber incidents as mentioned in Annex I to CERT-In within 6 hours of noticing such incidents or being brought to notice of such incidents.

 In this compliance mapping report, ARCON has discussed how its robust stack of IAM technologies help to build a security framework to protect systems and data at every layer of IT infrastructure. Besides, this report also explains how ARCON helps organizations to stay compliant with the standards mandated by CERT-In by giving real-time alerts on suspicious activities and/ or cyber incidents across the entire IT infrastructure.


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